The Mentor Program
What is a Mentor?
Mentors are experienced adventurers who have registered with the Adventurers' Mutual Aid Network (A.M.A.N.), a non-governmental organization founded by adventurers and merchants. These mentors help and advise new adventurers as well as any others in need of assistance throughout Vana'diel.
The Mentor Program was created as a means for players to help one another. Mentors are regular players who offer answers and advice on gameplay to other players. They are neither representatives nor employees of Square Enix, and Square Enix holds no authority or governance over the words or actions of players designated as mentors. As such, we ask that players who seek assistance from mentors interact with them at their own discretion and risk.
It is your responsibility to decide whether to become a mentor or use the Mentor Program. You are advised that Square Enix provides mentors with no advantages or compensation of any kind. By serving as a mentor or using the Mentor Program, you are deemed to have understood and accepted these conditions.

Becoming a Mentor
To register as a mentor, speak with one of the A.M.A.N. representatives stationed in each nation. You must meet certain requirements in order to register.

To become a mentor, you must meet the following conditions:
-Level: 30 or above
-Play Time: 180 hours or more

Be sure that your current main job is level 30 or above before registering with an A.M.A.N. representative.

[Serving as a Mentor]
You can begin assisting other adventurers as soon as you have completed your mentor registration with A.M.A.N. Details on how to toggle mentor status on and off are shown below.

-Turning Mentor Status On and Off
  -->Using the mentor command
       /mentor on: Display mentor icon
       /mentor off: Hide mentor icon
  -->Using the Help Desk option
       Mentor ON
       Mentor OFF

The Mentor Search will display the language setting that can be set under "Party" in the Main Menu. When acting as a mentor, please be sure to set the language(s) in which you are able to offer assistance.

[Icon Priority]
Only one icon can appear beside a character's name at any one time, so icons are displayed according to priority. The mentor icon cannot be displayed at the same time as any other icon. Please see the icon priority list to the right.
The mentor icon will also appear beside character names in search results from the Search and Mentor Search functions.

As a mentor, you will be approached by new adventurers and others seeking advice. Draw on your experience to aid them in their adventures!

[Notes for Potential Mentors]
You become a member of A.M.A.N. as soon as you are registered as a mentor.
Did a veteran adventurer aid you when you first started out? Has advice from a friend ever pulled you through a tough spot?
Remember those experiences and help fellow adventurers in turn!

Mentors are not expected to know everything. If you don't know the answer to a question, don't be afraid to say so and seek out the answer together. You are only one of many adventurers, and even advisors need advice sometimes! You can always ask another experienced adventurer for help. Remember that there are many ways around a problem.
Please note that mentors do not have special powers like game masters (GMs) do. Mentors must rely on their own knowledge and experience to help others.

Consulting with Mentors
Consulting an experienced mentor can be very helpful when you encounter problems you cannot solve on your own. To search for a mentor, select Mentor Search from the main menu Help Desk option, or use the Search function to find players with mentor icons.
Before seeking assistance from mentors, it is necessary to confirm whether they can accommodate your language.
In the Mentor Search results, mentors who can assist in English will have an "E" displayed to the right of their character name; those who can assist in Japanese will have a "J." Mentors with "JE" next to their names can offer assistance in both English and Japanese.

[Finding a Mentor]
Using Help Desk
Select Help Desk from the main menu, then select Mentor Search to see a list of currently active mentors.
Using Search
To find mentors nearby, use the Search function to search Current Area.Active mentors will have mentor icons displayed beside their names. If there are no mentors in your area, try a search under Current Region.

[Once You've Found a Mentor]
Players with mentor icons beside their names are active mentors who are ready to answer questions at any time. Feel free to approach them whenever you have a problem.

[Notes on Consulting Mentors]
Mentors are experienced players who have volunteered to share their knowledge with others. When consulting them, please remember that they are regular adventurers just like everybody else. If one does not have the answer to your question, you can ask him or her to help you find the answer, or simply look for another mentor.

Note to New Adventurers
Once you've purchased a FINAL FANTASY XI Content ID and created a character, a system message explaining how to search for a mentor will appear. A "New Adventurer(*)" icon will be displayed beside your character's name.
(*)The New Adventurer icon will be displayed until you have reached level 5 or logged ten hours of play time.

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