Obtaining Login Points

You will receive login points each day upon logging in. These points may be exchanged for a variety of items.
Up to 1,500 login points may be carried over from one month to the text.

* If you receive login points for a certain day and remain logged on once the timer resets at 3:00 p.m. (GMT), you will not automatically receive login points for the new days. Please log out or change areas in order to receive the next day’s login points.

Points Awarded

You will receive an initial bonus the first day you log in.

First login

You will be awarded 500 points.

Second login and beyond

You will be awarded 100 points.

Exchanging Login Points

Speak with any greeter moogle in one of the following areas to exchange login points for items. The amount of login points you currently have can be viewed via “Currencies” in the Status submenu.

Greeter Moogle Locations

Port San d’Oria (J-10) / Port Bastok (J-13) / Windurst Walls (C-13) / Chocobo Circuit (H-8)

* You may speak with any greeter moogle you choose.