Switching from the Xbox 360 version to the Windows® version

As of Thursday, 31 March, 2016 at 14:00 (GMT), service for the Xbox 360 version of FINAL FANTASY XI will end. Those who are using this version and wish to continue playing after 1 April, 2016, will be required to switch to the Windows® version.
* There is no need to buy new software for the Windows® version. Please read the information below to learn more about making the switch.
1. Required environment (Internet connection and a computer with Windows® that can run FINAL FANTASY XI).
2. Procedures for transferring a PlayOnline ID to a Square Enix account.
3. Installing FINAL FANTASY XI on your PC.

You will need to be able to connect to the internet and own a PC that can run the Windows® version of FINAL FANTASY XI.

If you own a PC, run the official benchmark tool to see how well the Windows® version of FINAL FANTASY XI runs for you.
Click here for details on the official benchmark tool and how to download the software.

Please check the minimum and recommended system requirements here.

PlayOnline IDs need to be transferred to a Square Enix account.

These steps are for those who logged in with a PlayOnline ID to play FINAL FANTASY XI. Click here to read about the procedure for transferring your ID.
*If you already log in with a Square Enix account, there is no need to transfer your ID.
You will not be able to alter the contents of your subscription until the process for transferring your PlayOnline ID to a Square Enix Account has been completed. The following will not be possible until the process has been completed:

· Returning from a temporary lapse in subscription (cancelled subscription)
· Adding/removing characters used in FINAL FANTASY XI
· Purchase of a registration code for expansion content
* The content of expansion packs and add-on scenarios that have not been purchased will not be playable.

How to Confirm Transfer of Your PlayOnline ID to a Square Enix Account is Complete

If you are able to login with only your PlayOnline ID and password, this indicates that the account transfer process is incomplete.

As shown below, the PlayOnline Viewer differs before and after completion of the account transfer.

When the transfer process is incomplete.

When the account transfer has been completed.

For multiple PlayOnline ID holders, the account transfer confirmations can be checked from the member’s list screen.

Installation of the Windows® version of FINAL FANTASY XI

To play on PC, the PlayOnline Viewer and FINAL FANTASY XI must both be installed.
The software required for installation and information about the installation process can be found here.

Playing FINAL FANTASY XI after starting up the PlayOnline Viewer & settings configuration

For more details on PlayOnline viewer settings, please download the PDF playing manual here.
* All data stored on the client, including screenshots, macros, gear sets, and map markers, will become unavailable once service is terminated. Therefore, please complete the transfer beforehand.
* For information on how to save your macros, gear sets, map markers, and other personal settings to the server, please see here.
* You can check screenshots you took from the PlayOnline Viewer by clicking the "Navigator” option, followed by "File Manager”. Open the screenshot you would like to send and attach it to an email by selecting "Attach to Mail” followed by "Create Mail”.