From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team

New Job Enhancements: Gifts (27/11/2014)

A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums.

[dev1243] New Job Enhancements: Gifts

From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team

Job Adjustments (26/11/2014)

A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums.

[dev1242] Job Adjustments

From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team

Announcing the December Version Update! (25/11/2014)

The next version update is scheduled for early December.

This version contains "Gifts,"extra bonuses such as increased capacity gains and more for jobs depending on the number of job points spent in that job.

Also making an appearance are several quests exploring Adoulin and Eastern Ulbuka, new notorious monsters for Unity Wanted battles, the ability to equip two linkpearls at once, new Monster Rearing elements, job adjustments, and a variety of other additions and changes!

Cuddle up with your blanket and get ready for an action-packed December!

Announcing a Collaboration Event with Pictlogica Final Fantasy! (20/11/2014)

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Pictlogica Final Fantasy, a Japan-only smartphone application, starting on Tuesday, November 25.

This collaboration includes a total of eleven new items available as furnishings, each of which depicts a famous NPC from the world of Vana'diel in retro-style pixel art.

Read on for details!

Surge on Ahead with the Surge Walk Campaign! (20/11/2014)

Engage in blistering battles with the Surge Walk Campaign, starting Tuesday, November 25!

Read on for details.

Light and Darkness (14/11/2014)

"Yes, it's been a while since she visited the coalition. Not that that's so unusual.

The little lady--or should I say Famlienne--is the daughter of a noble family with intimate ties to the Order of Woltaris. She used to play in the garden with one of our younger members, but I suppose she's a bit old for that now. On top of that...

There is this strange and unexplained illness that sucks the very soul from your body! Put another way, it's a curse that renders all it touches catatonic. Surely you see why all Adoulin's in a panic.

The reason the coalition manages to maintain a semblance of normalcy is because the Twelve Orders sent out a message asking the coalitions do just that. A tall task, given that they I've heard that this disease has afflicted a number of the younger members of the coalition...

Oh, leave it to me to get sidetracked.. Yes, Famlienne wished to speak with one of us, but suddenly she became quite flustered.”

The elderly technician within the Inventors' Coalition rambled as he watched the woman quickly scurry away from the workshop. A man clad in black responded in kind,
"Hmm... These incidents may not be entirely unrelated. I suppose I can look after her for a short while.”

The man muttered to himself before thanking the scientist and leaving.

Read more on Fam's quest for the story behind the mysterious illness.

Forever Today: FINAL FANTASY XI Seekers of Adoulin Original Soundtrack PLUS On Sale Online Only Now! (11/11/2014)

Forever Today: FINAL FANTASY XI Seekers of Adoulin Original Soundtrack PLUS, containing six previously unreleased songs and well as two versions of the eponymous expansion's ending song, Forever Today, is now available for only-online distribution. *Available for purchase on the soundtrack's official site.

The soundtrack's website features comments from Naoshi Mizuta and singer Mika Kobayashi as well as a special music video, so head over and catch a glimpse!

Head over to the Forever Today: FINAL FANTASY XI Seekers of Adoulin Original Soundtrack PLUS official site.

Celebrate XI on 11/11! (11/11/2014)

11/11 is a day to celebrate FINAL FANTASY XI, and this year we have a new seasonal event, Sunshine Seeker, to top off a variety of campaigns.

- Sunshine Seekers
This special event is a wonderful treat for those remembering the story of Babban Ny Mheillea!

- Adventurer Appreciate Campaign
All characters subscribed during the period of eligibility will receive a complimentary red mog pell!

- Idyllic Vana'diel Initiative
Take part in a whopping eleven different campaigns!
* Campaign details on "Meeble Burrows Campaign" have been corrected on Nov. 11, 2014.

- Return Home to Vana’diel Campaign
Play for free throughout the duration!

- Discount Campaign
Take advantage of discounted prices on the download versions of the Seekers of Adoulin expansion pack and Ultimate Collection: Seekers Edition for Windows, as well as on the World Transfer Service!

The November 2014 Login Campaign commences today! (11/11/2014)

Get ready for fabulous prizes, as the November 2014 Login Campaign commences today! Receive points each day just for saying hello to the citizens of Vana'diel, and exchange them for various in-game rewards!

Campaign Period: Monday, 10 November 2014 at 3:00 p.m. (GMT) to Tuesday, 2 December at 2:00 p.m.

If you are logged in when the campaign begins, you must either relog or change areas in order to receive your points.

Read on for information on how to participate and for a list of items available in the November 2014 Login Campaign.

From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team

The November Version Update Has Emerged from the Depths of Ra’Kaznar! (10/11/2014)

Team up with Arciela in the final chapter of the Seekers of Adoulin mission or make new friends with Unity Concord!

Should that not be enough, feast your eyes on new linkshell-distributing linkshell concierges, a second Monster Rearing rank, new sections in Seekers of Adoulin dungeons, job adjustments, and oodles more!

Read on for details.