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Announcing the August Version Update (06/07/2015)

The August patch is on its way!

The August patch will introduce the second chapter to Rhapsodies of Vana'diel, a new area, and new battle content.

Of course, it doesn't end there. This patch will also be jammed-packed with goodies, including the final quest in the adventures of the Tarutaru Sauce duo, new alter egos, new Unities, new methods to further enhance hexed equipment, as well as balance and adjustments to jobs, existing content and quests, and a bevy of other improvements.

Finally, new quality of life improvements will include the ability to retain equipment set macros server-side as well as the ability to view status effects applied to party members.

Keep an eye out for more details on this version update as August approaches!

Adoulin Dial Campaign (03/07/2015)

We have confirmed an issue wherein the Adoulin Dial Campaign, part of the Vana'diel Summer Campaign event, is not functioning as intended, and we are working to correct this error at the earliest possible time.

We will provide specific information as to the timing of the fix in advance on both the website and in-game as soon as we have news to share. We apologize for the inconvenience that this issue has caused and are striving to resolve it as soon as possible.

* Added on Friday, July 3, 2015 at 12:40 p.m. (GMT)
Above issue has been addressed following the maintenance that took place on Friday, July 3, 2015 from 9:30 a.m. (GMT). We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Announcing the Summer Alter Ego Extravaganza! (01/07/2015)

The Summer Alter Ego Extravaganza will commence on July 2, bringing along with it three new alter egos to add to your arsenal!

- Leonoyne, the ice-cold hero of Jugner!
- Maximilian, the cunning commander of the Bastokan 1st Legion!
- Kayeel-Payeel, Master Caster of the Aquarian War Warlocks!

For those of you who may have missed them during the New Year's Alter Ego Extravaganza and last year's Summer Alter Ego Extravaganza, we are also bringing back some more of our beloved characters as well!

- From the Far East, the enigmatic Tenzen!
- The Springserpent General herself, Mihli Aliapoh!
- Valaineral R Davilles, master of the Uriel Blade!
- Coming to you straight from Abyssea, Joachim!
- Bane of beastmen, the Red Rose Warrior, Noillurie!
- The fiery Elivira, captain of the Gold Musketeers!
- The most patient beastmaster, Lhu Mhakracca!
- Ferreous Coffin, the bringer of white death!
- Gilgamesh, salty samurai of the sea!
- The Tavnazian Terror, Kukki-Chebukki!
- Adoulin's eyes and ears, Margaret!

Campaign Period: Thursday, 2 July , 2015 at 2:00 p.m. (GMT) to Thursday, 30 July, 2015 at around 2:59 p.m (GMT).

Read on for more details on the alter egos available during Summer Alter Ego Extravaganza and how to acquire them.

Vana'diel Summer Campaign Compendium! (01/07/2015)

Campaigns Galore! The following campaigns will be kicking off on Thursday, July 2 at 7:00 a.m. (PDT)

 - Meeble Burrows Campaign
 - Increased Seal and Crest Drop Rate Campaign
 - Additional Seal Battlefield Spoils Campaign
 - Bonus Bayld Campaign
 - Double Skirmish Simulacra Segment Drop Rate Campaign
 - Wildskeeper Reive Campaign
 - Surge Walk Campaign
 - Adoulin Dial Campaign
 - Campaign Festa

Don't miss your chance to get ahead with this plethora of precious campaigns!

Read on to learn more about each campaign.

From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team

The June Version Update Has Rolled into Town! (25/06/2015)

Test your might against several avatars in additional high-tier avatar battlefields and engage in heated combat with all new Wanted targets.

Fishing has also receive a variety of updates, including two quests to enhance Lu Shang’s fishing rod and the Ebisu fishing rod, respectively; the ability to check what kinds of catches you have reeled in; and a variety of other new elements.

Rounding out the list are the addition of rank 5 Monster Rearing, the conclusion to several Seekers of Adoulin story lines, an emote for sitting down in chairs, job adjustments, and a bevy of other additions and adjustments.

Read on for details!

The Bridge Builders (23/06/2015)

Celestial Nights--a timeless tradition born from the legends of the Far East.

A legend of two lovers, Princess Amdina and Prince Yahiko, separated by East and West across the winding great river separating their two feuding nations.

In memory of their tragic end, the people planted a multitude of bamboo stalks along each bank of the river and decorated their leaves with brightly colored strips of paper. The custom grew in popularity, and has come to mark the start of the summer festival all across Vana'diel.

Like lovers whose embrace is only strengthened by distance,

The colored streamers sway and reach out to one another in the bamboo leaves, fluttering and mingling in the early summer breeze.

Our story begins in mid-summer, in Aht Urhgan, a tale of old bonds broken and new bonds built anew.

Read on to learn more of a curious episode from a forgotten alley of Al Zahbi.

From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team

New Seekers of Adoulin Quests! (19/06/2015)

A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums.

[dev1274] New Seekers of Adoulin Quests!

From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team

Announcing the June Version Update (18/06/2015)

The next version update is scheduled for Thursday, 25 June.

Catch a preview of what's in store.

From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team

Alter Ego Adjustments (17/06/2015)

A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums.

[dev1273] Alter Ego Adjustments

From the FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team

Job Adjustments (16/06/2015)

A new thread has been created in the Updates section of the official forums.

[dev1272] Job Adjustments