Repeat Login Campaign No. 4 Schedule

Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 8:00 a.m (PST)
to Saturday, 2 November at 7:00 a.m.
Each day (Earth time) that you log in to FINAL FANTASY XI during the campaign, we will reward you with special points that may be traded in for specific in-game items!
*  Login point totals will be calculated separately for each character.
*  Points accumulated during this time are usuable only during Repeat Login Campaign No. 4

List of in-game items available for login points associated with the campaign

For just 1,500 points (ten logins), players will be able to get their hands on the all-new Bomb Masque item!
But wait! There's more! If you purchase two masques for a total of 3,000 points (fifteen logins), you will be able to synergize them (required rank: amateur) to create a Bomb Masque +1!
*  Neither the Bomb Masque nor the Bomb Masque +1 may be delivered to PCs on the same account.

The Chocobo Suit, available for 1,500 points (ten logins), can be synergized (required rank: amatuer) with another suit (for a total of 3,000 points/fifteen logins) to create the Chocobo Suit +1.
*  The chocobo suit is a chest-only armor.
*  The chocobo suit and chocobo suit +1 cannot be delivered to other characters on the same account.
No. of Points* Item
- Cavorting Worm
- Little Lugworm
- Athena Orb
- Glinting Shield
- Golden Seed Pouch
- Chestnut Tree Sap
- Monarch Beetle Saliva
- Seasoning Stone
- Fossilized Bone
- Fossilized Fang
- Beastmen's Seal
- Kindred's Seal
- Kindred's Crest
- High Kindred's Crest
- Levigated Rock
- Training Manual
- First Virtue
- Second Virtue
- Third Virtue
- Deed of Placidity
- Deed of Moderation
- Deed of Sensibility
- Springstone
- Summerstone
- Autumnstone
- Winterstone
- Gem of the East
- Gem of the South
- Gem of the West
- Gem of the North
- Cloud Evoker
- Mog Bonanza Kupon B
- Mog Bonanza Kupon X
- Mercenary camp entry slip
No. of Points* Item
- Redeyes
- Copse Candy
- Shadow Lord statue
- Adamantoise statue
- Behemoth Statue
- Fafnir Statue
- Alexander Statue
- Page from Miratete's Memoirs
- Chocobo Wand
- Mog Bonanza Kupon O
- Odin Statue
- Rala Visage I
- Cirdas Visage I
- Faithful’s Torso I
- Faithful’s Legs I
- Yorcia Visage I
- Mog Bonanza Kupon S
- Nomad Moogle Rod
- Ark Tabar
- Ark Sword
- Ark Scythe
- Honey Wine
- Beastly Shank
- Blue Pondweed
- Verdigris Stone +1
- Bomb Masque
- Chocobo Suit
- Goobbue Statue
- Cardian Statue
- Rala Visage III
- Cirdas Visage III
- Yorcia Visage III
- Faithful's Torso III
- Faithful's Legs III
The numbers in parentheses represent the number of logins (starting with the initial login) needed to purchase the item.

How to Obtain Login Points

You will automatically accumulate points once per day when you first log in.
If you receive login points for a particular day and remain logged in until the next reset (8:00 a.m. (PDT)), you will not automatically receive login points for that next reset. You must either log out first and then log back in or change areas to receive those points.
Login point totals will be calculated separately for each character.

Number of Obtainable Points

The amount of points you receive during this campaign varies depending on the number of logins. At certain breakpoints you will receive a bonus.

First to Fourth Logins
The first login will provide you with ten points, with the number increasing in increments of ten for the second login and beyond.

Sixth login and beyond
Each login will provide you with one hundred points.

Bonus points
You will receive a bonus of five hundred points for each login that is a multiple of five (five, ten, fifteen...). As a special bonus, players reaching their eleventh login will receive 1,100 points.
Login No. Points
1 10
2 20
3 30
4 40
5 500
6 100
7 100
8 100
9 100
10 500
11 1,100

Exchanging Login Points

Speak with the Greeter Moogle located in one of the following areas in order to check how many points you have, as well as to exchange points for items.
Port San d’Oria (J-10) / Port Bastok (J-13) / Windurst Walls (C-13) / Chocobo Circuit (H-8)
* The Greeter Moogles at each of these locations all provide the same services.

Login Campaign Point Exchange Period

In-game items for this login campaign must be purchased within the following time frame:

Login Campagin Point Exchange Period
Thursday, October 10, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. (PST)
to Saturday, November 9, 2013 at 7:00 a.m.

Your points will be lost if they are not exchanged within this time frame.
Players will be unable to accumulate login points once the campaign has concluded on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at 7:00 a.m. (PST).
Points earned during this campaign are only valid for its duration.
You may exchange points for equipment given by the various kupons by speaking with the Dealer Moogle at the following locations:
Port San d'Oria (I-9) / Port Bastok (L-8) / Port Windurst (F-6) / Chocobo Circuit (H-9)

Mog Bonanza Kupon B
Mog Bonanza Kupon B is an item that can be traded for one relic item available from Dynamis-Beaucedine.

Mog Bonanza Kupon X
Mog Bonanza Kupon X is an item that can be traded for one relic item available from Dynamis-Xarcabard.

Mog Bonanza Kupon O
Mog Bonanza Kupon O is an item that can be traded for either one of the following two key items: Sheet of Eastern Adoulinian Tunes or Sheet of Western Adoulinian Tunes.
Note that selecting either of these two sheets of music for your orchestrion requires installation and registration of the Seekers of Adoulin expansion pack.

Mog Bonanza Kupon S
An item that can be exchanged for magical patterns with which you can improve your desired piece of Empyrean armor. The number provided will be equal to that needed for the piece you select.
Mercenary Camp Entry Slip
A mercenary camp entry slip is required for entry into the Mercenary Camp battlefield, and can be used as follows:
1.  Travel to the Stellar Fulcrum located at the top of Delkfutt's Tower while in possession of the slip.
2.  Trade the item to the Qe'lov Gate, the battlefield's entrance, located in the Stellar Fulcrum.
3.  Select "Mercenary Camp" to enter the battlefield.
4.  This battlefield may be enjoyed in the same way as any other.
Only one person needs to undertake the above procedures for the entire party to gain entry.

Athena Orb
An Athena Orb is required for entering the special Heroine’s Holdfast battlefield. Refer to this post for more information.

Glinting Shield
The glinting shield is a replica of the shield that won the shield design contest.
Pinches of Levigated Rock
This item can transform you into stone statues appearing in Dynamis!
Training Manual
This item can transform you into any of a number of such books found throughout Vana'diel
Cavorting Worm
The cavorting worm is an item that lets the bearer take the form of a Meeble.
Little Lugworm
The little lugworm is an item that lets the bearer take the form of a toad.
Golden Seed Pouch / Chestnut Tree Sap / Monarch Beetle Saliva
The following items may be used as seeds/fertilizer in your Mog Garden, and have some strange relation to Monstrosity content:
This campaign is not the only way by which players can acquire these items.
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