The Return Home to Vana’diel Campaign concluded on September 17.
We hope you enjoyed your latest experience in Vana’diel.
Campaign Period Whether you've been gone for days our years, come back and reignite that spark for free!
Players with a PlayOnline / FINAL FANTASY XI service account and whose service contract has a status of "Canceled" or "To be Canceled" as of September 8, 2014 at 7:59 a.m. (PDT)
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Players must migrate their PlayOnline IDs to a SQUARE ENIX account. (Read on for instructions on doing so.)

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For a limited time, we are offering players the ability to download the FINAL FANTASY: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition (Windows digital download version), which contains every expansion from "Rise of the Zilart" to the latest "Seekers of Adoulin"!

* Registration code not included

Read on for instructions on downloading for free.

Read the following notes on this campaign.

Experience the Idyllic Vana'diel Intiative taking place at the same time!Read on for details.

Double Experience Point Campaign

Alter Ego Extravaganza Unlimited

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A Maximum Discount of 83%! Discount Campaign

How to download the FINAL FANTASY XI: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition client files

1. Click the download button on the right to download the data.

2. The downoad page will provide you with all the required installation files.





* Save all four files to the same folder.

3. After downloading the file and confirming that no other programs are open, double click FFXI_VC4_Pack.part1.exe to start the installer.

4. Doubling clicking on Autorun.exe within the installer will bring up the install menu.

5. Check the details on the data installation process.

  • * The client files available at the link provided are for the Windows version of FINAL FANTASY XI: Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition.
  • * A registration code for the FINAL FANTASY XI Ultimate Collection Seekers Edition is not included. Players wishing to play for the first time will need to purchase an official version that contains a registration code.
  • * Players will be unable to play expansion packs for which they lack registration codes.
  • * The bonus in-game items received for purchasing the retail version of FINAL FANTASY XI: Ultimate Seekers Edition (The Destrier Beret and Chocobo Shirt) will not be included in this promotion.
  • * Read on for details on restoring a character you have previously used.

Notes concerning the Return Home to Vana'diel Campaign
  • * Only those whose PlayOnline/FINAL FANTASY XI service account was cancelled or to be cancelled as of September 8 at 7:59 a.m. are eligible.
  • * Only PlayOnline accounts that have been transferred to a Square Enix Account are eligible for this campaign. For those players that have yet to convert to a Square Enix Account, read on for more information.
  • * Eligible users will be able to play free of charge for the duration of the campaign.
  • * Players will need to subscribe to continue playing once the campaign has concluded.
  • * Players with content IDs (characters) that have been frozen will be able to play them during the period as well. Players with more than eight characters owing to the reactivation of their service account with their need to create a new handle name or link them to an existing one.
  • * Reactivating your service account during the campaign period will start your contract immediately.
  • * Players who have not made a single payment since concluding a service contract are not eligible.
  • * The FINAL FANTASY XI Rules and Policies apply even to those participating in the campaign.

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