5th Anniversary SQUARE ENIX PARTY 2007
FINAL FANTASY XI 5th Anniversary!
On May 12 and 13, the SQUARE ENIX Party was held at the Makuhari Messe near Tokyo, Japan. Thousands of fans from all across the country flocked to the FINAL FANTASY XI booth where they had the opportunity to witness several exciting events, including two development team panel discussions. Of the announcements made during the discussion, the most exciting would have to have been the promotion video for FINAL FANTASY XI's fourth expansion disc, "Wings of the Goddess." If you haven't yet seen the video, it is available for viewing on the official FINAL FANTASY XI website.

The following is an outline of some of the panel discussion's highlights:
The Pit
The Pit is a battle arena located in Al Zahbi where players will be able to select monsters to fight against other NPC/players' monsters for fame, glory, and prizes. Here are some of the details outlined on the 13th:
  1. Players will not be able to control the monsters, but will be able to give certain commands.
  2. Players will be able to collect "DNA-like" information from monsters across Vana'diel. That data can be then used to create a monster usable in the Pit.
  3. The monsters you create will (probably) be customizable in some form.
  4. The Pit will be open for business sometime later this summer.
  5. There may also be a type of betting system available.

Einherjar is an ever-changing multi-player dungeon battle based in the Hazhalm Training Grounds. Here is some of the information revealed at the party:
  1. The monsters appearing in the dungeon change each time, so a balanced party is required to complete the mission objectives.
  2. From 6 to 36 people can enter the area at once.
  3. An item similar to the hourglass used for Dynamis will allow parties to reserve one of the multiple areas, and will be required for entry.
  4. The multiple areas consist of rooms filled with several weaker monsters, and one boss monster.
  5. After a party chooses a room, they will have 30 minutes to wipe out all the enemies before being teleported back out of the area.
  6. The monsters may drop items that cannot be obtained anywhere else.
  7. An Assault-like point system will be implemented, and points earned can be used to purchase various items.

Job Adjustments
While many minute adjustments will be made to several of the jobs, the majority of changes in the coming version update will focus on the three new Aht Urhgan jobs. A new merit point category for each of the three jobs will be added, each consisting of two new ability commands and two new job traits.

Blue Mage
1. Increases the power of your next magical blue magic spell. Limits area of effect to single target.
2. Grants the effect of your next support blue magic spell to party members within range.
1. Grants a TP bonus to Chain Affinity.
2. Increases maximum blue magic points.

1. Your next roll will automatically be a 1.
2. Erases one roll or bust effect. Targets self-cast effect with the longest remaining duration.
1. Extends the duration of Phantom Roll effects.
2. Focuses effect of Random Deal on abilities waiting on recast.

1. Swaps HP of master and automaton.
2. Swaps the enmity of master and automaton for target.
1. Grants a bonus to your automaton's accuracy, ranged accuracy, evasion, and magic defense.
2. Grants a bonus to your automaton's attack, defense, and magic attack.

As for the other 15 jobs, nothing major is planned. However, the development team is planning on raising weapon and magic skill limits, in addition to several other adjustments.

World Emigration Service
For the past few years, many players have requested a feature that would allow them to change their World server at will. Now, starting in early summer (June or July), players will be able to move full accounts (up to 16 characters) to the World server of their choice for 3000 yen. This price is lower than the amount charged by many other popular MMOs.

There are no restrictions on an account's first move. However, to prevent RMT-related problems, players must wait 90 days before emigrating to another World.

Questions from the Adventurers
Are there any plans to adjust beastmasters?
Various adjustments are planned for the near future.

Are there any plans for new red mage magic?
We are currently considering adding new magic for all existing jobs around the release of the new expansion disc.

The Promathia missions are still too difficult. Are there plans to make them easier?
Yes. Several adjustments are planned for the June version update:
* Lowering battlefield difficulty
* Removing EX/RARE status from certain "helpful" items
* Rewarding experience for completing certain battlefields (to give extra incentive to players who have already completed the missions to help those who have not)
* Making it easier to get to/through Promyvion

Salvage and Nyzul Isle battles are too difficult. Are there any plans to adjust the difficulty of these areas?
The following adjustments to Salvage are planned for the June version update:
* The drop rate for imbued items will be raised
* Players will now receive several items upon entry to the area.
The following adjustments are planned for Nyzul Isle:
* Difficulty level will be adjusted in five-floor increments
* Temporary item vendor will be available (tokens can be used to purchase items)
* Record will no longer be erased when reaching the boss, but only after defeating him.
The secret of what type of weapons can be obtained from Nyzul Isle will come to light soon...

Will we ever get tuxedos to wear?
If enough players want tuxedos, then we'll have to consider making them.

Will players ever be able to re-obtain earrings earned by completing the Zilart mission, Divine Might?
Yes. This will feature will be ready for the June version update along with many other adjustments.

Two-handed weapons are not that useful. Are you planning any changes in this area?
While we still cannot say anything specific, we are definitely planning something for the near future.

Are any adjustments planned for puppetmasters?
There are many adjustments planned for all 3 new jobs. As for puppetmaster, here's a sample of some of the changes being considered:
* Adding new black and white magic "heads" to go along with the existing ed one
* Making it easier to obtain attachments through the Pulling the Strings quest.

When will the "AF2" for the three new jobs be introduced?
The date of implement still hasn't been decided. However, we don't feel Dynamis will part of the picture.

New content is always important, but are there any plans on improving the interface?
We are currently working on new methods of categorizing key items, as well as changing the quest menu interface so that repeatable quests will be displayed in the "Current Quests" menu each time they are accepted.

Sometimes, my friends and I hold events within Vana'diel. Does SQUARE ENIX offer any support for these user events?
We'd like to hear from the users on what type of support they require. If you have any ideas, please contact us. We would love to help.

Will there be any more Serpent General quests?
Yes. A new quest will be released shortly.

I'd love to participate in a Hero's Combat starring the five Serpent Generals.
That's a great idea! We should try it.

When will new methods for obtaining abjurations be implemented? What new methods are in the works?
The next version update will feature a new method for obtaining the items in questions. We cannot comment on that method yet.

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