* as of April 6, 2004

Stratics 2003 Golden Cog Awards

Awarded April 6, 2004
"Best Gameplay"
"Best Graphics"
"Massively Multiplayer Online Game of the Year"

rPGamer Awards 2003Awarded February 3, 2004

readers' Choice
"PC rPG of the Year"
"MMOrPG of the Year"

Staff's Choice
"MMOrPG of the Year"
"Best Music of the Year"

2003 rPG Vault Awards Awarded January 12, 2004

Online World of the Year
Outstanding Achievement in Technology

GameSpy's 2003 Game of the Year Awards

PC MMOrPG of the Year Awarded December 19, 2003

First Annual Spike TV Video Game Awards

Best Online Game
Awarded December 4, 2003

* as of October 30, 2003

7th Annual CESA Game Awards

Grand Award Awarded October 30, 2003

8th Annual AMD Award for "Digital Content of the Year"

Grand Prize - Minister of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications Award
Awarded January 23, 2003

7th Annual Animation Kobe

Creative Award, Network Division Awarded November 10, 2002

15th Annual "1.3 Million readers Choose the Best PC Software"

Nikkei Click Editor's Choice Award
Awarded October 16, 2002

Concept Art