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A Little Goblin's Adventure

Oh, you still there? It's me, Fablinix. You remember that huge tree we met last time, right? He says his name is Treant, and that by the count of his rings, he'll be two hundred and seven next spring. Anyway, he must be pretty lonely because we just can't get the old guy to go home.
For a guy with a mouth that big, Mr. Treant sure doesn't talk much. But, he did stop to tell us that if we wanted to learn more about Vana'diel we should travel to "the place where all roads lead." I thought he was talking about the local MaatDonalds, but Thickshell told me he meant Jeuno.

"What's a Jeuno?" I asked him.
Thickshell: "Beats me, Fabmeister."
What an idiot...
So I asked Mr. Treant if he could show us the way.
Mr. Treant: "No problemo, senor Fabmeister."
Somebody remind me to smack Thickshell upside his thick shell for giving me that nickname.

So we're off to Jeuno. For some reason our buddy Thickshell has this look on his face like he's put on his crab apron too tight. I don't know what he's so afraid of. It's not like Mr. Treant is going to eat us or anything.

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