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A Little Goblin's Adventure


Whoa! Don't sneak up on little old Fablinix like that!

Today I'm going to check out this Jeuno place everybody's talking about. It's nice being in a town where a Gob can walk about without having to worry about an adventurer slicing him up and selling his parts for gil.

Where are the crazy crab and lumbering lumber I was traveling with, you ask? Hah! I ditched those two nuts earlier this morning by the auction house.

Ugh! I just got a whiff of chocobo droppings...
Ah, here's the culprit. What did you have for breakfast, buddy? Mutton enchiladas?
I don't see how people can ride something that smells like an Orcish Fodder's loincloth.
Let's get out of here and find that Muckvix character Mr. Treant was talking about...before I pass out!

Yeah, here he is. Who would have thought a guy named Muckvix would be found in a place called Muckvix's Junk Shop?
"Hey, Muck-daddy. I was wondering if you could tell me about a dark, scary place."
Muckvix: "I ain't been to no dark, scary place, I ain't telling you what I know, and I ain't your daddy!"
"Don't get all geriatric on me there, man. My, um, good buddy Mr. Treant told me that you might have some info for me."
Muckvix: "You know Senor Treant? Well, why didn't you say so?"
Now we're getting somewhere.

Muckvix: "So, you say you've visited a dark and scary place?"
"Well, not exactly visited..."
Muckvix: "Okay, so you've passed through it."
"Um, well, not exactly..."
Muckvix: "You've seen it from afar."
"Um, yeah, well, not exactly..."
Muckvix: "You've seen pictures of it."
"Um, you see, not exactly..."
Muckvix: "Then where in Gob's name did you see this place!?"
"In a dream. Oh, but wait. It was a really realistic dream. Really. I saw the Bastok Mines and everything."

Muckvix: "I see... Thanks to the thoroughly detailed description you've given me, it's all so much clearer now. If I trust my instincts, I'd say you have an extrasensory supernatural ability."
"A whosit whatsit whachimability?"
Muckvix: "What I mean, gruel brain, is that you may have the power to see into the future."
"So that dark, scary place with all the hockey mask-wearing maniacs was...?"
Muckvix: "How should I know? You're the one with the supernatural ability."
Yeah, that was the answer I was looking for.
Muckvix: "But lately I've heard adventurers talkin' 'bout a certain dark and foreboding place."
Now he tells me...

Muckvix: "They say it's a shadowy plane that exists between reality and fantasy."
Uh-huh... And these guys are obviously living on the fantasy side.
Muckvix: "All I can say is that what you saw was a dream, but it might not be for long."
My dream was a dream... This guy is good.
"As much as I'd love to stay and chat, um, well, I think I'll be going."
Muckvix: "You come back if you see any more strange visions, got it?"
"Uh, yeah. You'll be the first to know..."