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Vonderful Vorld of Tonberriez?


Tonberry King: "Voah! Haz it been a month already?"
Try two months, buddy.
Tonberry King: "Greetinks! I am zee Kink of Uggalepih, and velcome to my excitink show on zee vonderful vorld of Tonberriez."
Mandraggy: "Oh, great King of Uggalepih! We are being so lucky! Be telling us more about wonderful worlds of Tonberries!"
Geesh! Suck up any more to the king and you can get a second job as a vacuum cleaner.

Hi, boys and girls, it's your handsome hero, Fablinix. As you can see, I'm still stuck here in this cold, damp, run-down, bathroomless temple. Oh, and if you haven't already noticed, there are a few things different about this month's issue. Let me fill you in on all the juicy details...


(Continued from vol.6)

Tonberry King: "So, younk Goblin-boy, you vant to see zee land of zee Goblinz."
"You'd better believe it. What are we waiting for?"
Tonberry King: "Ha ha ha! Yes, I could take you zhere...but vhat is in it for me?"
He's not going to make this easy, is he...
"Well, what do you want?"

Tonberry King: "Oh, not much. I am a kink. I have everythink I could ever vant! Everythink, zat is, except for my own monthly show!"
He's gotta be kidding...

He wasn't...
And here you are, reading "Zee Tonberry Kink's Vonderful Vorld of Tonberriez."
Don't worry. I'll figure out something by the end of the episode. I always do, don't I?

Tonberry King: "Ahem! Now let me begin today's episode by explainink zee originz of zee Tonberriez. The Tonberriez vere not alvays as green as ve are now..."

Mysterious voice inside Fab's head:


Mysterious voice inside Fab's head:


Mysterious voice inside Fab's head:


Tonberry King: "Is zhere a problem, insignificant little vorm-Goblin vithout hiz own show?"
"Um, no problems here, your royal pantlessness."
...Except for the fact I'm hearing some mysterious voice in my head.
Tonberry King: "Goot. Now, vhere vaz I? Ah yes, zee Tonberriez' knivez are almost as important as zee Tonberriez' rancor. Let me elaborate on zis delicate subject..."

Mysterious voice inside Fab's head: "Don't worry, Fabmeister. Only you can hear my beautiful voice."
"Fabmeister...? Thickshell, is that you? I thought you were boiled and served with a side of cocktail sauce on some Tonberry's dinner plate!"
Mysterious voice inside Fab's head: "No, Fabmeister. This is not your temporarily incapacitated crustacean companion. I'm a friend sending an important warning. The Tonberry King does not intend to take you to the land of the Goblins."
"What are you talking about, mysterious voice inside my head?"
Mysterious voice inside Fab's head: "The king is just using you and your show to promote the Tonberries and collect money to remodel his bathroom in the temple."
"Remodel his bathroom!? Hey, I've been looking all over this place for a bathroom the past two episodes!"

Tonberry King: "Goblin-boy. I have had enough of your interruptionz. You open your mouth van more time and you'll meet zee same fate as your thick-shelled comrade.
Now, vhere vaz I? Ah yes, and zhat iz zee reason vhy zee Tonberriez carry around zeir lanternz, even in zee daytime. As for zee intricate design of zee lanternz..."

"Anyway, if you're not Thickshell, who the heck are you?"
Mysterious voice inside Fab's head: "Hold your horses. You'll be basking in the grace of my beauty in moments. Now close your eyes and I'll teleport you to my world--our world."
"Close my eyes? That's no problem. I've been half asleep since the king started talking. But what about Thickshell, Mandraggy, Blood Suckah, Senor Treant, Muckvix, and the rest of those annoying guys who keep hanging around me?"
Mysterious voice inside Fab's head: "Oh, don't worry about them. They won't be coming with us."
That's what I wanted to hear.
Mysterious voice inside Fab's head: "This flight is reserved for you and me..."