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A Little Goblin's Adventure

Oh, it's you again.
Today, your buddy Fablinix is cruisin' around this big field that those pointy-eared Elvaan call "La Thong" or "La Tennis" or "La Tongue," or something like that.
This big sombrero-shaped thingy behind me is the Crag of Holla.

Well isn't this all pretty and shiny?
I heard that it's some fan-dangled new contraption that you adventurers use to warp all around Vana'diel.
But they also told me "no Goblins allowed." Hmph! You guys have all the luck.

Look who I met by the lake. This guy's name is Thickshell. He's pretty nice, but a little on the crabby side.
"Yo, Fabmeister. Where are you headed?"
"Where? I'm not bound by any roads. I go where the wind takes me."
"Yeah, whatever. Hey, do you want to see Jugner?
I can take you there. My second cousin's girlfriend's great uncle lives under a large, fashionable rock in that neck of the woods."
"Whoa! Well, that's an offer I can't refuse now, can I? Let's go!"

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