Records of Eminence

Play at your own pace and tackle objectives solo!

Records of Eminence is all-new content where you pick and choose what objectives to complete when you wish, then receive unique rewards for your efforts.
The list of objectives is practically endless and ranges from vanquishing vicious monsters to entering certain contests of strength to expertly tilling the land.
Certain objectives can be completed in the blink of an eye, while others require a bit more finesse and perseverence.

Heal Without Using Magic

Vanquish Multiple Enemies

Limited-time Challenge

Find out how to go down in the Records of Eminence here.

Obtain item level 117 equipment!

By accumulating "Sparks of Eminence," you'll be able to purchase weapons, armor, and skill-increasing items. Once you have a few item-level 117 weapons and armor within your grasp, you shall be transformed into a whole new adventurer!
Additionally, special A.M.A.N. Vouchers can be acquired by completing limited-time challenges and quests, which may be used to procure various and sundry currencies and trinkets.