Release your soul upon your unsuspecting bestial victim and possess its spirit as a Monipulator, then gain experience as you cut down every fiend in reach. Level up and become one of the most fearsome entities in the world!
Instincts can be employed even when possessing monsters of different families.
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Monipulator When an adventurer possesses a monster, that beast is now considered a monipulator, for the adventurer has complete control of its faculties.
Possession Possession occurs when an adventurer unbridles his soul from its mortal frame and overpowers a fiend's mental faculties.
Monster Rank An expression of your prowess as a monipulator, your rank increases after accumulating a certain amount of infamy.

Monipulator Objectives

Accrue "Infamy" by slaying monsters that cross your path!
Pay your evil deeds forward by expending the infamy you've gained for new instincts and equipment.

Examples of Rewards Gained Through Infamy
[Monsters] Raptor (Lizard), Ram (Beast)
[Instincts] Warrior's Instinct, Monk's Instinct, Rune Fencer's Instinct

Level up as a monipulator and stockpile infamy to take command of fierce NMs and HNMs from the same family, who can even equip items that drop from their prey under certain circumstances.

Monipulators vs. Adventurers

Monipulators and adventurers will soon be able to exchange blows until the last hero (or beast) is left standing!

No longer will adventurers be constant predators and monsters the habitual prey. It's open season on both, and neither are going down without a fight!
Amass either prestige or infamy by slaughtering your foes, then expend those points to further your cause. Either uncage new monsters to possess as a monipulator or obtain and outfit yourself with new equipment as an adventurer!

Infamy  -  Infamy points are meted out to monipulators for vanquishing regular monsters and adventurers alike.
Prestige  -  Prestige points are accrued by adventurers when they vanquish either regular monsters or monipulators.

Receive permission to participate in the hunt and start culling monipulators and adventurers to obtain points. Remember, the more points your prey has, the bigger your haul when you take them out.
Once you have declared yourself fair game, an icon will appear next to your name indicating your desire to spill blood. Furthermore, the number of stars harbored within delineates your rank, which affects your ability to inflict pain and suffering in the following ways.

Monster Ranks
You begin your rampage as a monster (Mon), become a notorious monster (NM) after wreaking sufficient havoc, and finally ascend to the heights of a high notorious monster (HNM) once you've slain a mountain of foes.

Becoming an NM gives you 30 extra points to spend on your faculties, while HNMs get an additional 50 points. Use these new instinctual endowments to flay all those who stand in your way!

Furthermore, NMs and HNMs drop treasure chests that gladiators can loot.

When monsters evolve into notorious and high notorious monsters, they receive stars to denote their prowess. Beware, for though these badges may seem innocuous, they belie the creatures' abominable nature and should serve as a warning to gladiators of their feral ferocity.

Gladiator Ranks
You set off on your path to glory as a gladiator (Gla), then rise to the rank of champion gladiator (CG) once you have proven yourself worthy, and eventually stand upon the trampled remains of your competition to become a high champion gladiator (HCG).

Champion gladiators have the privilege of looting the chests that drop from NMs, and high champion gladiators are blessed with chest-locked spoils from HNMs as well. Slay as many beasts as you can for a chance to parade around town with resplendent rewards in hand.

Adventurers must first assume the role of gladiator in order to engage monipulators. After attaining the rank of high gladiator, however, your icon denoting belligerency will begin to display stars. The more stars shown, the more dauntless you are deemed.
By agreeing to combat gladiators, monipulators can unlock new species to possess and run amok with all over the world.

Cutting down NMs and HNMs rewards gladiators with rare items, which can also be obtained by exchanging prestige.
[Augmenting Your Monstrous Rewards]
Certain spoils in Monstrosity can be incrementally enhanced in three different ways. The materials necessary to augment them are obtained by exchanging infamy/prestige or from treasure chests that felled monipulators relinquish.

Equipment augmented to the maximum rank of 15 can then be exchanged for even more powerful pieces, which can in turn be enhanced even further!
* These images are for illustrative purposes only. Items obtainable in the release version will differ.

Scheduled Future Features

Monipulator vs. Monipulator Combat
Monstrosity Quests
Additional Monster Families
Monipulator Cooperative Play
Additional Exclusive Content
Greater Rewards
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