Battle System


There are three schools of magic: white magic, which focuses on healing wounds, black magic, which deals damage, and blue magic, which is learned from enemies the player has encountered. Some spells can only be cast on monsters, while others can only be used on fellow players -- but take care when choosing your target!

Job Abilities:

As you increase the level of your current job, you learn abilities that are unique to that job. These are called job abilities. They include the HP-restoring ability, "Auto-Regen," as well as the warrior's Defender ability, which increases your Defense.

Weapon Skills:

Whenever you deal or take damage in battle, you gain Tactical Points. Once the TP gauge reaches a certain point, you can unleash powerful weapon skills, depending on your current weapon. These include offensive moves like double strikes and elemental attacks. Proper timing when using weapon skills is the key to success in combat!

Skillchains and Magic Bursts:

When multiple characters use weapon skills and magic spells at the right moment, they can start an extremely powerful combo attack.

This linking of weapon skills to maximize an attack is called a Skillchain. When magic spells are used in the mix, they generate Magic Bursts.

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