The Elshimo Uplands Region

This region rests on the upper eastern half of Elshimo Island. Aside from a volcanic area in the north, the landscape is mostly blanketed with a tropical rainforest that is home to the deadly Tonberries. The mere presence of these beastmen is enough to shun away all but the bravest adventurers.

Yhoator Jungle

The tropical Yhoator Jungle covers most of the Elshimo Highlands. While similar to the Yuhtunga Jungle, the overall altitude increase results in slight wildlife differences.
Also, this jungle is teeming with the ruthless Tonberries. If a Mithra's prey escapes into this deadly jungle during a hunt, she will not follow, recognizing that the animal has chosen death over capture.

Temple of Uggalepih

Hidden deep within the dense jungle of Eastern Elshimo lies a dark, ancient temple. While it is not known by whom, or for what reason this temple was built, it is currently occupied by the Tonberries, who use it as a place to worship the evil deity Uggalepih. The local Mithra fear this "temple of misery," and advise that all keep their distance.
The technology used to construct its walls and pillars suggest that a high level of civilization was once centered in the surrounding jungles. However, nature has taken its course over the centuries, and now giant trees and plants slowly eat away at this once mighty structure.

Den of Rancor

Dug by the Tonberries, this stretch of tunnel extends deep beneath the Temple of Uggalepih. It is said that the Tonberries chanted curses while digging, and that these curses still remain, embedded within the walls of the caves. Every night, the Tonberries gather here to pledge their hatred towards the five races of Vana'diel. They inflict cuts upon themselves and pour their blood onto altars, hence strengthening their rancor.

Ifrit's Cauldron

Ifrit's Cauldron is another name for the lava-filled crater located atop Mount Yuhtunga. It is within this crater that the monsters known as "bombs" are thought to be born. In exchange for protection against eruptions, for centuries the Mithra in Kazham have offered sacrifices to appease the cauldron's dwellers.
Due to the large amount of volcanic gas that fills the area, extended trips to Ifrit's Cauldron are not recommended.