Jun. 9, 2008 11:55 [PDT] From: PlayOnline
Heightened Security on the Windows PlayOnline Viewer

Due to the sudden increase in unauthorized access on the internet, PlayOnline has decided to heighten the security for all of its related services. As part of these security measures, we have introduced the following features.

- The software keyboard
We have implemented a special field for entering passwords (PlayOnline passwords and PlayOnline mail passwords) and other important information through a software-based keyboard that uses the mouse for text entry.

The software keyboard is displayed when you select one of the password-entry fields on the PlayOnline Viewer. Because each key is entered by clicking with the mouse, this software is effective against a type of spyware known as a keylogger that is capable of stealing information entered through regular keyboards.
You can, of course, still enter your password with a keyboard as usual, but we recommend using the software keyboard to improve your private informationís safety. The software keyboard provides safety and security for users who enter their passwords each time without saving them.

- Security Settings
We introduced "Security Settings" to manage PlayOnline passwords with even further heightened security.

Because passwords entered on the PlayOnline Viewer are encrypted and saved to the hard drive to prevent other computers from decrypting them, even if the corresponding file is stolen, no password information will be accessible.
To advance our security technology even further in dealing with spyware, we have made the encryption key for each computer randomly generated and saved to a destination folder the user designates in "Security Settings." For example, if the user saves the key file to an external device such as a USB memory card and disconnects the device when it is not needed, security will be considerably strengthened.

"Security Settings" has been added to the PlayOnline Viewer's Login menu. After selecting it and designating a destination folder for the encryption key, a file name composed of random alphanumeric characters will be created in that folder.

*The encrypted PlayOnline password and encryption key will not only be accessed when starting the PlayOnline Viewer and logging in, but will also be periodically accessed while playing an online game or using the Viewer. In particular, be careful about the following things:
- If you have saved the encryption key to an external device or a network drive, do not disconnect the device while playing a game or using the PlayOnline Viewer.
- If you have saved the file to an external device or a network drive, make sure the drive is the same as the one designated in "Security Settings."
*If the PlayOnline Viewer cannot access the encryption key, the saved PlayOnline password information will be erased and the encryption key will become unusable. In such a case, your account will not be affected, but you will need to re-enter your PlayOnline password to save it to a new encryption key. Each time you use "Security Settings," a new key file is generated with a new random file name and different contents. Deleting an old file will not cause any problems.
*"Security Settings" are shared by all registered members, and users cannot designate different folders for each member. Also, if PlayOnline password information is erased, it will be necessary for all registered members to re-enter their PlayOnline passwords once more.