Jun. 18, 2008 13:00 [PDT] From: FINAL FANTASY XI
FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Jun. 18)

At the following time, we performed a version update of FINAL FANTASY XI.

[Time & Date]
Jun. 18, 2008 at about 13:00 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]
Following addition and adjustments were made:

- New advanced official races have been added to Chocobo Racing in Chocobo Circuit.

- Corrections were made to the strength of Beastman Confederate forces depending on the status of Campaign battles.

- Increased the minimum rewards that can be received through Campaign Ops.

The following issues have also been addressed:
- "Shinai" and "Ibushi Shinai," which can be obtained from NPC "Ajahkeem" in Ru'Lude Gardens in exchange of fellow points, were displayed reversed on the selection menu.

- Battle effect of NM Dark Ixion's special attack "Rampant Stance" was incorrect.

- Monsters of the Beastman Confederate forces would consider a Beastmaster's pet as a target even when the pet was not engaged in battle.

- The additional effect of following equipment was listed as "Enhances 'Kick Attacks' effects" instead of "Kick Attacks+":
Hakke Habaki/Junkenshi Habaki/Seikenshi Habaki/Junrenshi Habaki
Seirenshi Habaki/Junhanshi Habaki/Seihanshi Habaki
* Correction to the item description will be made in the near future.

- Number of "ampoules of therion ichor" and the strength of monsters in Einherjar was not proportional.

- Recast of magic spells and the buildup of TP were incorrect while the Monk job ability "Footwork" was in effect.

- Within the guild contract quests, key items might not have appeared on the list of rewards.

- The Graphic for Qutrubs-type monsters were displayed incorrectly in the Pit.

- The name of monster that is mentioned in the conversation with NPC Sanraku in Aht Urhgan Whitegate was incorrect.

- Other minor issues.