01/28/2004 22:20 [PST]

Online Community Population Reaches A Million!

As of January 17, 2004, the total online community population (number of active characters) of FINAL FANTASY XI has surpassed one million!

This is the result of great interest shown by the online community in both Japan and North America.  With the release of the PlayStation(R)2 version in March, the population of Vana'diel is guaranteed to reach new heights!

Vana'diel has become more than just a technological feat.  It has transcended cultural borders to create an international community of great diversity that continues to expand and change at a pace that knows no bounds.

Square Enix is proud to be a part of that transformation, and we will continue our efforts to maintain FINAL FANTASY XI and its community to provide the best experience in online gaming.

Adventure awaits you in Vana'diel!!