Apr. 22, 2009 05:50 [PDT] From: FINAL FANTASY XI
Current Known Issues (Apr. 22)

Since the implementation of the latest version update on Apr. 22, 2009, we have confirmed the following issues. Investigation and recovery work is currently underway. We ask for your patience in this issue until the issues have been resolved.

More information will be provided once is becomes available.

[Current Known Issues]
- The elemental resistance of some monsters may not be working as normal.

- In spite of the Charge number, the Corsair job ability "Quick Draw," there are times when it might be able to be used consecutively.

* The two issues above were corrected in the Apr. 23, 2009 12:00 (PDT) version update.

[Corrected Issues]
Additionally, the following issues from the Apr. 9, 2009 version update have been corrected, but were not mentioned in the version update information.

- An issue that may have caused monsters in a specific area in the Campaign ops "Slaughterhouse I - III" to not remove the bomb has been corrected.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.