Apr. 17, 2015 02:54 [PDT] From: PlayOnline
Login Issue (Apr. 17)

Currently, we are receiving contacts from users in certain environments who have become unable to log in to services connected to their Square Enix Account.

Investigation has revealed that the issue stems from application of the latest Windows Update, which turns off the “Use SSL 3.0” setting under Internet Options in Internet Explorer 11.

We ask that users who are experiencing this issue take the following steps to change their Internet Explorer 11 settings.

1. Open Internet Explorer 11
2. Open Internet Options
3. Select the “Advanced” tab
4. Check the boxes next to the following and click “Apply”:
- Use TLS 1.0
- Use TLS 1.1
- Use TLS 1.2

[Affected Services]
- Square Enix Account Management System