Sep. 22, 2004 02:00 [PDT]

Applying for World Emigration (Sep. 22)

The commencement of European FINAL FANTASY XI service has increased the overall population during peak times. Though the servers are able to cope with the added load, we have noticed that the peak population at 7:00 (PDT) has increased drastically, with more Japanese and North American players joining the game. For this reason, we have decided to invite players to emigrate to different Worlds to help balance the overall population. Please read the following carefully. If you wish to emigrate, please follow the instructions below.

*Currently, access peak fluctuations for the European version are within acceptable levels.

[World Emigration Guidelines]

Applicable Worlds:

-All Worlds

Application Period:

From Sep. 22, 2004 02:00 (PDT) until Oct. 3, 2004 8:00  (PDT)

Regarding new World implementation and emigration:

-Details regarding whether or not the emigration will take place, the date and time of emigration, the number of new Worlds created, and details about the configuration of new Worlds will be based on the outcome of the recruitment. There will be an announcement at a later time.

-3 new Worlds are scheduled to be created. In the event that applicants are divided among multiple Worlds, all applicants from a single World will be moved into the same new World.

-In the event that the number of players who wish to emigrate to the new World does not fill up one whole World, the World shift will be postponed.

How to apply for World emigration:

When the application period begins, an NPC called the World Shifter will appear in each of the following areas. By talking to this NPC, you can apply for or cancel World emigration, and confirm your character's emigration status. Please read the World Shifter's responses carefully before submitting an application.

Ru'Lude Gardens (I-10)
Port San d'Oria (I-8)
Port Bastok (L-8)
Windurst Walls (G-6)

*Note: After the application deadline, you will be unable to make any further requests for World emigration.

How to confirm your World emigration status:

During the application period, a login message will appear indicating your World emigration status. If you are already logged in, you can view this message by entering "/smes". Please be sure to confirm your status before the end of the application period.

*Message displayed when applying for World emigration:
"You have submitted an application for World emigration."

*Message displayed when not applying for World emigration:
"You have not submitted an application for World emigration."


If you are considering applying for World emigration, please read the following points to ensure a smooth transition.

When emigrating:
Emigration of characters is done one at a time. If you request emigration for any of your other characters, please conduct all applications separately.

Character name:
If your character happens to have the same name as another player in the World to which you emigrate, you will have to change your name before entering that World. If you need to change your name, your name will be shown in yellow, and you must follow the on-screen instructions. This name change will not affect your Friend List.

Delivery Box/Auction items:
All items up for auction and in your Delivery Box will be lost when you emigrate. Please collect these items before moving. Any items in your Mog Safe will be transported with you to the new world.

Regarding used linkshells:
Following a World shift, your linkshells will be automatically exchanged with new, unopened linkshells. If you have an unused linkshell, you may bring it to the new World. If a linkshell owner emigrates, the player's old linkshell will be deactivated and a new unopened linkshell will be automatically provided.