Oct. 22, 2004 18:20 [PDT]

Trick or Treat!!

Greetings, fellow adventurers!
The Harvest Festival is here once again!

Vana'diel's Harvest Festival is all about townsfolk masquerading as ghosts, scaring passersby, and collecting more treats than the next person!

The people who scared you last year are scrambling about to prepare for this year's event.

If you see anyone dressed up for the event, try trading them treats! They may surprise you with a scare!

One kid in Windurst said, "Ooooh, I'm gonna gather so many treats this year! I wonder what I should do to the adventurer who gives me smelly faerie apples instead of some real goodies... Hee-hee-hee..."

Now gather up some sweets and enjoy this event along with Vana'diel's scariest ghosts!

-The event will be held from Oct. 22, 2004 19:00 (PDT) to around Nov. 1, 2004 0:00 (PST)

  [Participating in the Event]
-The Harvest Festival will take place across the three nations of San d'Oria, Windurst, and Bastok. Walk around town and look for NPCs who are dressed up for the event.

-If you happen to run into one of these townsfolk, don't forget to give him or her a treat! However, don't give the same item to the same person over and over again--how would you feel if you received nothing but hunks of Goblin chocolate? Rather, enjoy the different costumes and give as many different kinds of treats to as many different people as possible!

-Sometimes, certain NPCs will turn you into a monster or beastman upon receiving a treat. While you are masquerading as one of these frightening foes, you will be unable to cast magic or use items. You will also be unable to talk to NPCs, or perform any action that requires targeting, such as opening doors.

-If you would like to cancel the masquerade effect, press the triangle button on your controller or press the "+" key on your keyboard's numeric pad twice. Then, select the "Costume" icon from the status icons located at the top of your screen, and press the X button or the "Enter" key on your keyboard. The masquerade effect will also wear off if you move to another area.

-During the Harvest Festival, the activation requirements for certain items (such as the Trick Staff) will be adjusted.