Feb. 7, 2005 21:00 [PST] From: PlayOnline
Warning Regarding PlayOnline ID and Password Fraud

It has come to our attention that some individuals are contacting FINAL FANTASY XI players in-game and referring them to fake websites resembling the official ( site. These sites ask the player to enter their PlayOnline ID and password at the fake website, with the intent of stealing items belonging to the player's character or characters.

We have permanently removed the PlayOnline membership of these players who are responsible for hosting such websites to the attention of the proper authorities, requested further investigation on this issue with the help of the public organization, and have also shut down these sites to protect the FINAL FANTASY XI community.

Please do not become a victim of "phishing." DO NOT disclose your PlayOnline ID or password to anyone other than the official ( website.

*The only exception is when dealing directly with a PlayOnline Information Center representative via the PlayOnline Service & Support Web Chat system. You may be asked for your PlayOnline ID or registration code in such cases.

Also note that no Square Enix representative (Game Master (GM) staff included) will ever ask you to provide your ID or Password from within a game or via e-mail. If you have experienced such issues, please contact our Information Center or the Game Masters (GM) for further consultations.

Keep your data safe! Keep your PlayOnline ID and Password secure!

PlayOnline Information Center
Telephone: (858) 790 7529
Monday to Friday 9:00 - 18:00 (PST)