Feb. 28, 2005 19:06 [PST]

The Doll Festival (Feb. 28)

Master, have you ever heard of the Doll Festival, kupo?

The Doll Festival is a Far Eastern celebration where people pray for the health and happiness of girls. During this time, girls are given rice treats to eat, and have a special place to decorate with dolls, kupo.

A festival that provides such a fun opportunity for laughing and playing sounds like a great idea, don't you think, kupo?

You know, since a lot of the lady adventurers out there grew up in the aftermath of the Crystal War, I bet they didn't get a chance to enjoy this festival, kupo...

And that's why the Mog House Management Union has come up with a plan!
We're going to return those lady adventurers to their childhoods, and give them the experience they never had, kupo!

You don't think you're up for it? And what about the guy adventurers?
Don't you worry, kupo. Try talking to the moogles in charge of the festival and see what happens!

This time you're in for some real moogle magic, kupo!

[Participating in the Event]

-Form a party of 10 and talk to the moogles around town.
You will receive a present in celebration of the Doll Festival!

-The moogles will only consider players in the same area when counting the number of party members.

-Items can only be received from the moogles once every Vana'diel day.

-Characters that have just been created can only receive items from the moogles after one Vana'diel day has passed.

[Event Areas]
Southern San d'Oria
Northern San d'Oria
Bastok Mines
Bastok Markets
Windurst Waters
Windurst Woods

*This event is scheduled to take place between February 28 at 19:00 and March 13 at 19:00.