Jul. 25, 2005 03:05 [PDT]

Details on Current Known Issues (Jul. 25)

Since the implementation of the latest version update on Jul. 18, 2005, the following quest related issue has been discovered. Maintenance to address this issue was performed on Jul. 25, 2005 at 2:00 (PDT).

-After making a request to the "An Affable Adamantking?" NPC for a new quest item, and then speaking to the "A Moral Manifest?" NPC, players will obtain an incorrect item and will no longer be able to receive the correct item from the original NPC. This issue also occurs when making a new item request to the "A Moral Manifest?" NPC, then speaking to the "An Affable Adamantking?" NPC.

* For players who have obtained the incorrect item and have yet to complete the quest, the correct item may be obtained by trading the incorrect item to the original quest NPC.