Aug. 1, 2005 10:00 [PDT]

FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Aug. 1)

At the following time, we performed a FINAL FANTASY XI version update.

*The client software will also be updated at this time. Once this maintenance is completed, the client update will start automatically after logging back into FINAL FANTASY XI. Please follow the instructions that appear on your screen.

[Date & Time]
Aug. 1, 2005 from 10:00 (PDT)

[Affected Services]

[Important Update Details]
- An issue in Azimuth's Circle where it was not possible to obtain the Pumimi or Hopipi doll has been addressed.
- The behavior of Fellowship NPCs has been adjusted.
- Fellowship NPCs will now disappear after defeating a predetermined number of enemies even if the NPC remains in battle mode.
- Signal pearls will now fail to activate when the number of members and Fellowship NPCs in a party totals six or more.
- An issue wherein the special properties of certain equipment intended to affect a player's wyvern or avatar extended to Fellowship NPCs has been addressed.
- When asking for a new signal pearl, the relationship between a player and a Fellowship NPC will now worsen slightly.
- After certain conditions are met, players will be able to keep their Fellowship NPC around for extended adventuring.
- An issue where Stona did not cure Level 5 Petrify has been addressed.
- An issue where the birds in Bibiki Bay known as "tragopans" did not drop crystals has been addressed.
- An issue where players would not gain experience for defeating certain notorious monsters has been addressed.
- The message "(Monster name)'s strength is impossible to gauge!" will now be displayed when using the "check" command on pets summoned by notorious monsters.
- The notorious monsters listed below will slowly grow in strength after a certain amount of time has passed since being claimed:
  King Arthro / Simurgh / Roc / Serket / Capricious Cassie /Lord of Onzozo / Behemoth / King Behemoth / Adamantoise / Aspidochelone / Fafnir / Nidhogg
  *This time period will vary for each notorious monster.
- The name of the notorious monster "Macan Gadungan" has been changed to "Kirata."
- The number of "glass sheets" produced by synthesis has been changed.
- The drop percentage for "silica" has been adjusted.
- Certain other monsters will now drop the item "silica."
  *Changes in relation to the item "silica" have already been partially implemented. Further changes will be made during today's maintenance.
- It is now possible to mine "silica" in Tahrongi Canyon and the Maze of Shakhrami.
- An issue concerning the ability to earn experience points from a wider range of monsters (implemented in the July 19 version update) not functioning correctly for levels ten and below has been addressed.
- An issue where spells such as "Dispel" and songs such as "Magic Finale" did not affect the white magic spell "Stoneskin" has been addressed.
- An issue where mannequin poses did not function as selected has been addressed.
- A new command "/blockaid" has been added.
  "/blockaid" has the following effect:
  Magical assistance (such as "Cure" and "Protect"), trades, party invites etc. from non-party/alliance characters will be blocked.
  The "/blockaid" effect will be canceled if the player temporarily logs out to the PlayOnline Viewer, logs out, changes areas, or is KO'd. 
  /blockaid on
   Activate the blockaid effect.
  /blockaid off
   Cancel the blockaid effect.
   Display current blockaid status.
- Players will no longer receive "Trade" offers from characters on their blacklist.
- Players will no longer be able to use spells or abilities to claim a monster as soon as it appears.
   If players attempt to use spells or abilities to claim a monster before a set amount of time has passed since it appeared, they will not be able to use those spells etc. again for a certain duration.
- The incomplete synthesis recipe for the "A Moral Manifest?" quest has been corrected.
- Several other minor issues have been addressed.