Server Maintenance

Feb. 14, 2006 02:00 [PST]

Auction Restrictions on Certain Items (Feb. 18 - Feb. 20)

During the Feb. 20 maintenance, stack number for items listed below will increase from 12 to 99.

To prepare for this change, the auction of these items will be restricted starting Feb. 18 at 1:00 (PST) until Feb. 20 (the duration of the maintenance period). Players will still be able to bid on items already up for auction. Players will also be able to remove these items from auction if they desire.

We thank you for your understanding.

Affected Items:
Beetle Arrowhd.
Poison Arrowhd.
Arm. Arrowhd.
Bone Arrowhd.
Ice Arrowheads
Holy Bolt Heads
Horn Arrowheads
Sleep Arrowhd.
Gold Arrowhead
Iron Arrowheads
Ltng. Arrowhd.
Vnm. Bolt Heads
Scp. Arrowhd.
Kari. Arrowhd.
Pltm. Arrowhead
Slv. Arrowheads
Bln. Bolt Heads
Bld. Bolt Heads
Demon Arrowhd.
Fang Arrowhd.
Stone Arrowhd.
Fire Arrowheads
Acid Bolt Heads
Slp. Bolt Heads
Brz. Bolt Heads
Dst. Bolt Heads
Yagudo Fltchg.
Mtl. Bolt Heads
Chocobo Fltchg.

* All other items will be unaffected.

* Please refer to the "All Worlds Maintenance (Feb. 20)" article for the details regarding the Feb. 20 maintenance.