Feb. 27, 2006 04:35 [PST]

Vana'diel Tribune II No.16 Edition Released (Feb. 27)

The contents of the No.16 edition are as follows:

Bahamut - The Last Frontier?
Letters From the Hydra
Crafting a Living -Cooking-
Vana'diel Profiles Kam'lanaut, Hero of the Masses
Aly's Escapades Day 10 - A Beauty and Her Beasts
Untold Tales

We have updated the Personals Board with dozens of comments contributed by adventurers from all over the world.
(The Personals Board system is currently in the beta testing phase.)

The Vana'diel Tribune II can be accessed from the following:
     - From Extras in PlayOnline Viewer
     - FINAL FANTASY XI Compendium
     - From inside your Mog House in FINAL FANTASY XI
     - Vana'diel Tribune on the official website of
       Final Fantasy XI(

This will be the final issue of Vana'diel Tribune II. In the future, we are planning to release game related articles irregularly on the official website of FINAL FANTASY XI (

All Vana'diel Tribune II that have been released previously can be found in FINAL FANTASY XI Compendium or the official website.

We thank you for your continuous support to everyone that have provided wonderful stories and materials for the coverage, and to all the players that have enjoyed reading the Vana'diel Tribune II. Although this Vana'diel Tribune II may be the last issue, please be sure to stay tuned for the most current information on the FINAL FANTASY XI official website!

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