Apr. 19, 2006 08:00 [PDT] From: PlayOnline
Regarding PlayOnline Registration for Xbox360 Beta Test User

This notice is to inform all Xbox 360 Beta test users. You may select "Transfer" while registering PlayOnline and purchasing your Content ID to continue using the Beta test character(s). Other registration method will prevent usage of these character(s).

Please refer to the following while registering your PlayOnline account:

[Carrying Over PlayOnline Account]
1. Installation
   Install PlayOnline and FINAL FANTASY XI into Xbox 360.

2. Registration
   After finishing installation, please select "Transfer" under
   the PlayOnline registration page.

3. Log into PlayOnline
   Log into PlayOnline using your Beta test PlayOnline ID and

4. Enter Registration Code
   Insert the registration code which can be found in the last page of your Playing Manual 2006.

5. Membership Confirmation
   Confirm your registration from the Customer Information page.
   * Information during beta test will be carried over. 
   If you wish to change your customer informayion, please finish
   your registration, log into PlayOnline, select Service & Support
   > Customer Information > Confirm Customer Information within
   PlayOnline Viewer.

6. Select Billing Method
   Select your Billing Method
   * There may be restrictions to a certain billing method.
     Please follow the instruction within your game screen and
     Playing Manual.

[Carrying Over Content ID]

   To reactivate a Content ID, select "Content ID" under the main
   menu of FINAL FANTASY XI. Then select "Data Transfer Purchase."
   After selecting "Data Transfer Purchase," place a check mark next to the
   character players wish to restore and press "Yes."

   The monthly fee for each initial character in FINAL FANTASY XI is US
   $12.95. Each additional character for FINAL FANTASY XI will cost
   a monthly fee of US $1.00 (taxes not included). The Content ID
   purchased on your PlayOnline account includes the first 30 days
   of usage free of charge, and billing will not begin until the
   following day after the free 30 day trial period.

   In case you mistakenly registered your PlayOnline ID or purchased a
   Content ID, Square Enix will not make any reimbursement.