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Riverne - Site #A01
Bibiki Bay

This inlet in the southeast of Mindartia looks out on the Gugru Blue. Sheltered by a multitude of tiny islands, its tranquil waters were once used by Tarutaru fisherfolk to farm vast quantities of shellfish and seaweed.

After the Great War, the cultivation of Bibiki Bay was abandoned as the Mithra brought their expertise in fishing to the mainland.However, many of the bounties of aquaculture, including the magically enlarged shellfish known as uragnite, remained untouched.

The Fishermen's Guild, seeing the bay's potential, recently paid for the right to begin fishing in the area. The guild intends to make their small fishing vessels, or manaclippers, as they are called, available for use by adventurers in the near future.

Also, in order to bring in ordinary sightseers, the Fishermen's Guild is attempting to gain permission to land on the beautiful beaches of Purgonorgo Isle.

They are currently conducting negotiations with the isle's mysterious and wealthy owner.