The Special Task Force (STF)

About the Special Task Force (STF)

The Special Task Force is a full-time team working to ensure a smooth and balanced game environment through the suppression of unethical conduct that negatively impacts users’ FINAL FANTASY XI experience. The STF focuses primarily on the elimination of RMT (real-money trading), use of external programs, and other activities that fall outside the scope of GM supervision. Furthermore, the STF utilizes information from GM reports in developing countermeasures against RMT activities and a wide range of violations.

Banned Accounts and Frozen Gil

Reporting Violations

The STF relies on the support of users like you in our efforts to maintain a balanced and enjoyable gaming environment. If you encounter any violations during your adventures in Vana'diel, please do not hesitate to report them to us here.
(*Please note that the STF is unable to respond individually to violation reports.)

Thank you for your cooperation!