Important news for Xbox 360 users participating in the FINAL FANTASY XI Beta Test(03/24/2006)

Currently there are thousands of players taking part in the Xbox 360 FINAL FANTASY XI Beta Test all over the world, and after careful consideration by the development team, it has been decided that character data (including character race, face type, job levels, skills, gil, items, friend list, etc.) created and used during the test will be readily available for transfer to an already existing World.

To transfer data (emigrate) to a new World, players must take the following steps listed below:

(1) Before the Beta Test concludes on Monday, April 3

■World Selection

5:00 March 24, 2006 (PST) - 1:00 April 3, 2006 (PDT)

During the time period listed above, players will be able to select a World of emigration. This selection may be altered at any time during the period. However, no changes for any reason will be accepted after the April 3rd deadline. In the event that a player does not select a World for her character(s), the data will be moved to a random World.

We have confirmed that the schedule listed prior contained a wrong information. The schedule has been changed to reflect the correct information. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

■Rules for Emigration

During the World Selection period, a “World Shifter” will appear in each of the four locations listed below. By speaking to this NPC, players will be able to carry out the procedures necessary for selecting a new World for their Beta Test characters, as well as check their current emigration status or cancel their requested destination. As long as it is made during the abovementioned period, players will be able to select another World after canceling an emigration request.

Ru’Lude Gardens (I-10)
Port San D’Oria (I-8)
Port Bastok (L-8)
Windurst Walls (G-6)


If an emigrating character’s name is already being used in the World a player has selected, the player will be required to re-name the character.

The emigration procedure is carried out per individual character, not by PlayOnline account.

To resume play of a Beta character after emigration, purchase and install the official version of FINAL FANTASY XI, then register all Expanded Services for access to available game content.

Failure to register Expanded Services could prevent play of a Beta version character, depending on the area where the character last logged out.

■Transferable Data

Please note that some things cannot be transferred during emigration. The following is a comprehensive list of transferable and non-transferable data:

Character Name (unless the name is already being used)
Character Status
Items (bag)
Items (Mog Safe)
Key Items

Linkshells, Pearlsacks, Linkpearls (Linkshells will revert to unopened status)
Any markers recorded on maps
Sorted information of items, spells etc.

Items on auction
Items in delivery box

Remember to move these items to a bag or Mog Safe during the World Transfer period. Any that items that are not moved will be permanently lost.