from FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
Besieged (03/27/2006)

Owners of the FINAL FANTASY XI Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion disc will be able to experience a whole new way of doing battle--"Besieged"!

Besieged is a form of Conquest on the new continent of Aradjiah. After creating a new town, the development team decided to utilize the opportunity to implement beastman attacks within the city walls, and thus began the idea of Besieged. We then decided that these invasions were to be a struggle over a single treasure of great power.

The Empire of Aht Urhgan and the beastmen of the western half of the Aradjiah continent are in a constant state of battle over this magnificent treasure--the "Astral Candescence."

Only you can protect the Astral Candescence from the beastman threat by fighting off the savage hordes. If the Astral Candescence should be taken, you must gather your fellow adventurers and storm the beastman strongholds in order to return the Empire's treasure.

So if you thought fighting for control over regions with your fellow adventurers was tough, just wait until you find yourself Besieged by hordes of monsters!