The fishing system is scheduled for some major improvements.
Here is an outline of the changes you can expect to see.

* New action-oriented system

-The rod will begin to shake wildly when something takes the bait.

-Countering the movement of the rod will reduce the stamina of your intended catch.

-A catch is best reeled in when its stamina is close to zero, so much more attention is required when compared to the current fishing system.

-In accordance with these changes, fishing skill will rise at twice the rate of the current system.

* Strengthening of lower-level fishing rods

-Lower-level rods such as the willow rod will become much more durable.

-Other new characteristics will determine the type of rod best suited for catching certain types of fish.

* Increased effects of fishing skill

-The method for comparing fishing skill and the level of the fish will be improved, making it easier for those with higher fishing skill to catch high-level fish.

* Other changes

-Everyone will gain a new "fishing instinct."

-The "instinct" of those with higher fishing skill will be more accurate.

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team (2/10/2005)