The following job-related adjustments are scheduled for the next version update.

Merit Point System Additions

There will be several additions made to each job category, providing new job-specific abilities. There are two conditions for obtaining and using these abilities: the job to which the ability pertains must be set as the main job, and the main job level must be 75. The limit for adjusting existing abilities will also be raised.

Changes to the Shield System

In the current system, blocking an attack with a shield negates all damage. However, in the new system, shields will only reduce the amount of damage taken. In addition to the basic defense bonus, how often a shield is used and how much damage is reduced will depend on the type of shield equipped. Also, the frequency of shield usage in battle will increase substantially with this new system.

White Mages

-The white magic spell "Banish" will inflict more damage on undead monsters.
-The spell "Banish III" will become available.
-A new job trait will be added.
-New methods of obtaining the spell "Raise III" are being considered.


-The effect of the samurai job ability "Third Eye" will be adjusted.
-A new job trait will be added.


These new features are currently in the final stages of testing and will be ready for eager players to experience in the February update!
FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team (2/14/2005)