The following additions are scheduled for the upcoming version update:

-New Scenarios

The story of the Chains of Promathia continues, opening the way to the legendary land of Al'Taieu.
Tavnazia will also feature new quests that reveal more about the safehold's inhabitants.


Logging results in the Lufaise Meadows will be adjusted.
Lumberjacks will also be able to test their hatchets on the trees of the Misareaux Coast.

-Mannequin Sales

Fyi Chalmwoh, the Mhauran mannequin maker, will be opening her very own mannequin shop.
Mannequins of all races and genders will be available, but prospective purchasers must first complete the quest "It's Raining Mannequins."


FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team (2/16/2005)