Synthesis Recipes

The following changes and additions will be made to synthesis recipes and items in the upcoming version update.

In the previous version update, a special cooking ability was added to the key items available for purchase with guild points. Several new special synthesis skills such as this one are scheduled to make their debut in the February version update, along with all-new synthesis recipes.

Let's take a look at some of the new key items and synthesis goods.

-Key Item
An alchemy skill that allows the creation of solid medicine drops that have the same effects as their liquid equivalents.

Items that can be created through synthesis:

- adaman kris

- shield plaque

- Royal Squire's robe +1

-Changes to Synthesis Recipes
Changes will be made to the skills and items required for certain synthesis recipes. Please visit the relevant guild after the version update to find out more.

Affected synthesis recipes:

- Yasha Sune-Ate
- Field Tunica
- Trader's Saio

- Raptor Helm
- Wise Gloves
- Seer's Pumps

- Dried Marjoram
- Dried Mugwort
- Carbonara
- Bataquiche
- Green Quiche
- Windurst Taco
- Tavnazian Taco

-Changes to Item Stack Numbers
The stack number for items used in the creation of arrows and bolts has been increased from 12 to 99. Several new synthesis recipes will be introduced to allow for greater quantities of these items to be created at one time, however the number created by existing recipes will remain the same.

-Items that will have their stack number increased:
beetle arrowheads/ horn arrowheads/ scorpion arrowheads/ demon arrowheads/ poison arrowheads/ sleep arrowheads/ karimata arrowheads/ fang arrowheads/ armored arrowheads/ gold arrowheads/ platinum arrowheads/ stone arrowheads/ bone arrowheads/ iron arrowheads/ silver arrowheads/ fire arrowheads/ ice arrowheads/ lightning arrowheads/ bronze bolt heads/ mythril bolt heads/ darksteel bolt heads/ blind bolt heads/ acid bolt heads/ holy bolt heads/ venom bolt heads/ bloody bolt heads/ sleep bolt heads/ chocobo fletchings/ Yagudo fletchings

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team (02/03/2006)