New Quests!

Take a look at the exciting new content scheduled for the upcoming version update.

- The Sequel to "Storms of Fate"

The quest "Storms of Fate," which brought players into direct conflict with the mighty Bahamut, was introduced in the December 2005 version update. This February, prepare for the next chapter in this epic story with a new quest to challenge the most powerful of adventurers.

*The Rise of the Zilart and Chains of Promathia expansion discs must be installed and registered in order to undertake this quest. Certain storyline progression in both expansion discs is also required.

- Prime Avatar Battles

Up until now, there have been other quests that allowed players to test themselves in battle against the prime avatars. In this new quest, however, the protectors of the protocrystals will be stronger than ever before, requiring adventurers to rethink old strategies.

This quest will allow a maximum of 18 people to take the field against these more powerful manifestations of the avatars.

Quests that hint at adventures to come, as well as many other additions, await you in the February version update.

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team (02/14/2006)