Dynamis - Tavnazia and More!

The area of Dynamis - Tavnazia, as well as a new route for both Temenos and Apollyon, will be released in the upcoming version update.

Dynamis - Tavnazia

In the December update, players gained access to Dynamis - Valkurm, Dynamis - Buburimu, and Dynamis - Qufim. Now the fourth and final area in this storyline will be opened to adventurers--Dynamis - Tavnazia.

As with the previous 3 areas, Dynamis - Tavnazia will present a level of difficulty that will challenge even the most seasoned adventurer.

Upon entering the area, a time restriction of 15 minutes and a lock on support job abilities will be imposed. Time extensions and the recovery of support job abilities can be earned by fulfilling certain conditions.

Due to an issue with the complicated topography, the maximum number of people that can enter Dynamis - Tavnazia will be restricted to 18 members. While this restriction may present obstacles that cannot be overcome by the current Dynamis strategies, we encourage players to experiment with different party compositions and battle plans.

The entity that must be defeated to bring an end to this nightmare is not the same being that reigns in Dynamis - Xarcabard.
Several incarnations of this NPC exist within Dynamis - Tavnazia. We leave the decision of whether the battle will be against one or more of these incarnations to the judgment and abilities of the players.

Dynamis - Tavnazia will include the following new content:
- The storyline that began in Dynamis - Valkurm, Dynamis - Buburimu, and Dynamis - Qufim will reach its conclusion in Dynamis - Tavnazia.
- Certain relics and damaged relic armor have been added that are exclusive to Dynamis - Tavnazia.
- Ancient currency that players could earn in previously released Dynamis areas will also be available in Dynamis - Tavnazia.
- New equipment has been added that is exclusive to Dynamis - Tavnazia.

Dynamis - Tavnazia can only be entered after completing the areas Dynamis - Valkurm, Dynamis - Buburimu, and Dynamis - Qufim. Once you have entered Dynamis - Tavnazia, you will be unable to enter any area of Dynamis for a period of 3 days (Earth time).

*Players who have not installed the Rise of the Zilart or Chains of Promathia expansion discs, or who have not registered the expansion content, will be unable to enter Dynamis - Tavnazia.

New Temenos and Apollyon Routes

The Temenos and Apollyon areas of the Limbus region (released in the October update) will each be gaining a new route.

In order to access these new routes, an item known as a "metal chip" will be needed in addition to the existing requirements. These metal chips can be obtained in exchange for 75 ancient beastcoins, or found during a foray into one of the Limbus areas.

The main purpose of the Limbus areas is to collect ancient beastcoins, and these new routes have been designed to make it possible for players to increase their hoard of coins. This will be no easy task, however, and we leave it up to the players to decide whether or not they will risk their hard-earned beastcoins for the chance to obtain greater rewards.

Dynamis - Tavnazia and the new Limbus routes await the brave and resourceful adventurer!

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team (02/16/2006)