Get all of Vana'diel on one disc with FINAL FANTASY XI: The Vana'diel Collection!

Community & Service (7/27/2005)

August 16th marks the release of FINAL FANTASY XI: The Vana'diel Collection, an all-in-one package that includes the original award-winning FINAL FANTASY XI, the Rise of the Zilart expansion, and the Chains of Promathia expansion on one convenient DVD! For a limited time, it will also include some exciting bonuses!

* The Vana'diel Collection is available for Windows only.

iGames Tour 2005 is coming to New York!

Community & Service (7/27/2005)

The FINAL FANTASY XI iGames Tour is coming to the east coast for the first time! Check out the details at the official event page.

Also, we have a new corner dedicated to all our past North American real-life community events. To view it, select "Community" from the menu on the left, then click "Events." Stay tuned for more announcements of future events!

* The Vana'diel Collection is available for Windows only.

Introducing Azimuth Circle

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team(7/26/2005)

The Sunbreeze Festival's main event, "Azimuth Circle," will begin on July 28. According to the moogles, Azimuth Circle is to be played in pairs!

Click here for more details!

New Song Added with Version Update


Information about the new song added in this update is as follows.

Composition: Nobuo Uematsu Arrangement: Naoshi Mizuta

Orchestra music provides the backdrop for Izumi Masuda's beautiful vocals. Ms. Masuda is an accomplished performer, creating a new genre that may only be described as pop-opera, a blend of both styles of music. Only the most resourceful adventurers in Vana'diel will be able to uncover her grand piece.

Click here to listen to a sample of the new song.

Revisions to the Rules of Conduct


Revisions and additions to the FINAL FANTASY XI Rules of Conduct will be released on July 22, 2005, and will be in effect thereafter.

The Rules of Conduct are an important part of the FINAL FANTASY XI User Agreement to which every player must consent before playing. We ask that you continue to enjoy the world of Vana'diel with a thorough understanding of the Rules of Conduct.

The Rules of Conduct may be accessed after selecting the "Rules and Policies" option on the FINAL FANTASY XI main screen.

Enjoy the Season with the Sunbreeze Festival!

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team(7/20/2005)

Every year at about this time, a seasonal festival is held in Vana'diel where the wild and even the wacky are regular occurrences! This year, the festivities have a new name--the "Sunbreeze Festival." So what will we be celebrating this time? And what does the festival hold for curious adventurers?

Click here to find out!

The Version Update Has Arrived!

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team(7/18/2005)

All the new content you've been waiting for is finally here!
Experience the stunning climax to Chains of Promathia, and discover a wealth of exciting new quests, battlefields, and a whole lot more in this month's version update.
Update details are only a click away!

Promathia's Story Finally Unchained!

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team(7/15/2005)

Chains of Promathia's story will reach its stunning climax in the next version update! Click here to view images of the area where the grand finale will occur! Exciting new adventures await those with the bravery to take on Promathia's greatest challenge!

Effortless Title Selection and More!

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team(7/13/2005)

The next version update will introduce a new fortune-telling NPC and changes to the character title selection system! Click here for more details!

Win a Friend with the Fellowship Quest!

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team(7/11/2005)

Have you ever wished an NPC would come to your aid in battle? Well, wish no further, because the next version update will allow you to do exactly that! All you need is to complete the new "Fellowship Quest" to receive a special item. This item will let you call an NPC to accompany you on your adventures! Want to know more? Just click here!

Adjustments to Experience Acquisition in the July Version Update

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team(7/7/2005)

Changes to EXP chains in level-restricted areas as well as adjustments to the level range of EXP-yielding monsters are on their way in the next version update! To find out more, please click here!

Ballista Revamped!

FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team(7/4/2005)

The next version update will bring additions and changes to the current Ballista rules. Click here for more detailed information.

"Chains of Promathia" Expansion Now Available for Only $19.99!

The FINAL FANTASY XI: Chains of Promathia expansion adds over 40 new areas, tons of new quests, and an epic new storyline holding the key to the origins of Vana'diel. Full of vast new environments and amazing cutscenes surpassing those of any other MMORPG, the Chains of Promathia expansion contains more story content than all the missions of the original three nations combined! Now, you can get the Chains of Promathia expansion for Windows or PlayStation 2 for only $19.99! If you haven't already, order the Chains of Promathia expansion from the online store today!

New FFXI Wallpapers Available at the Square Enix Gallery!

Attention, all you mobile FINAL FANTASY XI fans! We've just added new wallpapers for your mobile phone to the Square Enix Gallery. These latest images include actual gameplay screens! Visit the Square Enix Mobile web site for more information on downloading them!