Winners Announced for the Shantotto Fan Art Contest! (11/20/2009)

Ladies and gentlemen! At long last, the winning entries for the Shantotto Fan Art Contest have been decided! The staggering amount of entries and the love that evidently went into each are a testament to the good doctor’s enduring popularity, and this made the task of selecting winners that much more difficult for the judges. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who took the time to join in this celebration of one of Vana’diel’s most distinguished citizens.

Crystal Prize

Title My Kind of Lady Artist Karuna
Artist's Comment The Doctor's Comment
It was none other than the doctor who inspired me to take the black mage's path. While she strikes fear into the hearts of most, I have only feelings of admiration for her incomparable strength and inimitable coolness! Ohohoho!
It pleases me to see that you fully understand
that elemental might is wholly mine to command.

Mythril Prize

Minions of the Mistress
Artist's Comment
Serve me well and serve me true
lest unspeakable horrors befall you!
The Doctor's Comment
This fluffy depiction of me in control
brought a grin to my face and struck a chord with my soul.
Moreover, originality is a thing I hold dear.
Your spurning of the paintbrush clearly falls into that sphere.

The True Master of the Dark Arts
Artist's Comment
I really like how Shantotto always acts so positive (or unexpectedly) in any messy situation. She's what a true black mage should look like, and she's always our quick-witted but respectable doctor!
The Doctor's Comment
A powerful spell is about to be cast.
The object of my wrath had better flee fast!
A commendable effort that captures with finesse
the air of self-assurance that I inherently possess.

Tranquil Times
Artist's Comment
Even the indefatigable doctor needs to indulge in the occasional moment of relaxation!
The Doctor's Comment
This depiction of yours truly during a moment of repose
impresses with its use of vivid colors that engross.
The artist did well to put my nose in a tome,
for I'm ever immersed in research, even when away from home.

Sickly Sweet
Artist's Comment
Strong yet distinctly feminine--this was the image of Doctor Shantotto I set out to portray.

The Doctor's Comment
Kudos to the artist for capturing an aspect of me
that lesser beings could never hope to see.
But the source of the jubilant expression on my face
is a subject best avoided, lest you be turned into paste.