Tenth Anniversary Fan Art Contest Winners and Video Contest Entries Now on Display! (06/07/2012/)

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Our heartfelt thanks go out to everyone who toiled to create spectacular movies in celebration of ten years of Vana’diel.

We would, however, be remiss to only let those who trekked to VanaFest partake of the fruits of the artists’ labor, so here we present to you some scenes from each of the six works in digest format.

Title Until We Meet Again Artist kabocha
Artist's Comment
I made this movie in honor of the friends I used to play with before they disappeared. Now I'm playing together with them again!

Title Tarutaru Bell Connoisseurs Celebrate the Tenth Anniversary Artist Boy Scout
Artist's Comment
We performed Vana'diel background music together using bells in celebration of the tenth anniversary.

Title Pumpkinman and the 10th Anniversary (VanaFest) Artist Pumpkin Man
Artist's Comment
Happy tenth anniversary! Pumpkinman, an ally to good boys and girls everywhere, is here to save VanaFest!

Title From a Future Vana'diel Artist Siamese Cat
Artist's Comment
Happy tenth anniversary, FF11! May you continue to prosper for another decade!

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