Announcing the Results of the NPC Popularity Contest! (08/15/2013)

Thank you for your participation in the NPC Popularity Contest. We are pleased to announce the results, together with a few words from the NPCs themselves!

To think that one such as I should be so blessed
and invited to this party as a guest.
Yet should another have been chosen in my place
I would have cursed them to suffer death apace.

I freakin’ got second place!? Hey, Ulmia, you hear that?
Hmm? Second place in what? Uhhh...
What're you cretins on about, "second place"? Get the hell out of my sight before I tear you a new one so large you won’t be able to sit for weeks! And just how little do you have to do that you'd come to ruin my day, anyway? Ugh, it's unbelievable how stupid some people can be.
Well...thanks for coming, I guess.

I, Lilisette, grand star of Troupe Mayakov, have been granted the dubious honor of third place? I suppose I have little choice but to manipulate time to put myself back on top!
What's this? No manipulation? Pity. But there's no way I'll let anyone look down on my beautiful frame!
Hey! Wipe that smirk off your face!

Fourth Place: Lion
Oh? I came in fourth? It must be because of all the hard work I put in at Heroine’s Holdfast. Living up to my reputation as Vana'diel's first heroine—thanks for your votes, everyone!
Fifth Place: Naja Salaheem
Fifth place, huh? Ya know, I'm not gonna be crying over spilt gil, but I can't say the same about my merrrcenaries. Who's in charge of this whole thing, anyway? I've got to slap them around with my tail a bit. Hehehehe!
Sixth Place: Aphmau and Nashmeira
“Aphmau, I don't understand how you're only sixth.”
“ The whole thing is rigged!”
“Ovjang, Mnejing, you take that back! We have to be thankful for those who did vote for us. Thank you, everyone!”
Seventh Place: Karaha-Baruha
Mere words are insufficient to express the gratitude welling up within me. May the stars' blessings be upon you.
Eighth Place: Gadalar
What kind of maggots are you to only elect one of the five Serpent Generals!?!? How exactly am I supposed to protect the empire alone? Only one way to get the blood running now—Fiiiiiiragaaaaaa!
Ninth Place: Tenzen
I shall always cherish this honor bestowed upon me. Though I know not how this came to be, I shall continue striving ever forward with the wings of these votes upon my back.
Tenth Place: Joachim
Ye be needin' some traverser stones? Comin' right up.
Tenth place? What's this all 'bout, mate? I was selected for somethin'? Don't know anythin' 'bout that.
Oh, an' that stone ye wanted—seems I'm all out. Why don't ye come back later?

Eleventh Place Zeid Twenty-first Place Star Sibyl
Twelfth Place Kupipi Twenty-second Place Semih Lafihna
Thirteenth Place Robel-Akbel Twenty-third Place Mihli Aliapoh
Fourteenth Place Maat Twenty-fourth Place Leonoyne
Fifteenth Place Trion Twenty-fifth Place Rishfee
Sixteenth Place Cid Twenty-Sixth Place Luzaf
Seventeenth Place Lehko Habhoka Twenty-Seventh Place Areuhat
Eighteenth Place Valaineral R Davilles Twenty-Eighth Place Ajido-Marujido
Nineteenth Place Aldo Twenty-Ninth Place Zazarg
Twentieth Place Mayakov Thirtieth Place Gilgamesh