First Accessory in the “Final Fantasy XI Players' Collection” Line Now on Sale! (08/18/2008)

The Final Fantasy XI Players’ Collection is an exclusive series of exquisite new accessories designed to bring you even deeper into the world of Vana’diel.
Today, we’ve begun accepting orders for the first item in the series, the Tidal Talisman!

This stately pendant, wrought in the imposing shape of Leviathan, is an exclusive piece unobtainable elsewhere.
As an added bonus commemorating the release of the Players’ Collection, everyone who orders the talisman will also receive an in-game item of the same name.
We have no plans to bring this item back in the future, so all players are encouraged to take advantage of this unique one-time opportunity!

Product nameTidal Talisman
Pendant materialSilver-plated metal
Strap materialSynthetic leather
Pendant sizeLength 2.5” (64mm)
Width 0.65” (16.5mm)
Strap lengthApproximately 35” (90cm)

Bonus offerIn commemoration of the release of the “Final Fantasy XI Players’ Collection”, all buyers will also receive the “Tidal Talisman” in-game item.
Included with the product will be a campaign code allowing you to access the in-game item. (Code valid until 2/28/2009)
Order deadline* We’re sorry, this limited edition item is no longer available.

* You cannot teleport to areas you have not yet visited.
Furthermore, users who have not installed and completed registration for the expansion packs “Rise of the Zilart” and “Treasures of Aht Urhgan” cannot teleport to the new areas.