A Special Present: The Rounsey Wand

All users who transfer to a Square Enix account within the designated period will receive a special in-game present, the rounsey wand. Read on for a description of its properties and instructions on how to obtain one.

[ Rounsey Wand Properties ]
Warp to Chocobo Circuit

After arriving, players may exit to the destination of their choice: San d'Oria, Bastok, Windurst, or Jeuno

* It is not possible to exit to Aht Urhgan Whitegate.
* This feature requires players to have the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion installed, and to have previously visited the Chocobo Circuit at least once.


All players possessing an active PlayOnline/FINAL FANTASY XI service account who transfer to a Square Enix account within the designated period (Wednesday, June 27 to Wednesday, August 31, 2011) will be eligible to receive the item.


The bonus item will be distributed in a version update scheduled for September or later.

* Further information to be provided as it becomes available.
* Schedule and other details subject to change.

Claiming Your Present

Items will be distributed within FINAL FANTASY XI via the Mog House Management Union (MHMU)'s delivery service.

* All characters existing on the player's account at the time of eligibility determination will be able to obtain the item.
* Note that any additional characters created after delivery will not be eligible to receive the item.
* Lost or discarded items cannot be replaced, so please be careful.


We will not be able to answer questions regarding the timing or status of item distribution to specific accounts.