New FINAL FANTASY XI Virtual Backgrounds Released! (09/21/2021)

Sitting in your virtual meeting wishing you were playing FFXI instead? While we donít recommend playing during important calls, weíve got you covered with more fun FFXI virtual backgrounds! Add some adventure to your virtual space with one of the five new video backgrounds and share your love of FFXI with family, friends, colleagues, teachers, and more.

This time we have backgrounds for the Sanctuary of ZiíTah, Yuhtunga Jungle, Ifritís Cauldron, Selbina, and Dragonís Aery!

* Please read and agree to the license agreement before downloading the FINAL FANTASY XI wallpapers.
* All videos are in 1920 x 1080 resolution and in MP4 format.

How to Download

Simply right click on the desired background link and choose the ďSave Link As...Ē option to download the file. (Note that the option name to save the linked file may vary depending on your browser.)

Video Backgrounds

The Sanctuary of ZiíTah

Download (37.1MB)

Yuhtunga Jungle

Download (144MB)

Ifritís Cauldron

Download (83.5MB)


Download (117MB)

Dragonís Aery

Download (28.4MB)
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