1: Acquiring a Square Enix account

If you do not have a Square Enix account, please register for one here.

Once you have a Square Enix account, please click "Transfer PlayOnline ID to Square Enix account" on the Square Enix Account Transfer Information page.
If you are using a Square Enix security token and a mog satchel in FINAL FANTASY XI, you can transfer your PlayOnline ID here.

2: Selecting a PlayOnline ID to transfer

3: Read the notice under "Transfer PlayOnline ID"

4: Enter PlayOnline ID and password

Enter your PlayOnline ID and password and click "Next."
If a PlayOnline ID is already linked, the selected ID will be displayed. In that case, you are only required to enter the password.
If you are not sure what your PlayOnline ID or password is, please refer to the following URL:

5: Acceptance of the user agreement

6: Selection of characters to be billed

Select the characters that you would like to continue to be billed for and then click "Next."
Characters that you are currently being billed for will be selected automatically. If you do not want to continue to be billed for them, please unselect them.
Characters that have been cancelled will be transferred automatically, therefore they cannot be selected. Cancelled characters can be reactivated after the transfer. If you cannot select any characters, please click "Next" to continue.
Reactivating Characters
Select "Select Service" from the menu on the left, select the Options List for the appropriate PlayOnline ID, and look under the "Options Cancelled/To be Cancelled" list. To reactivate any of the characters listed here, tick the character's tick box and click "Reactivate." Details for reactivating characters.
PlayOnline is a basic service and cannot be unselected.

7: Payment method selection

8A: If you've selected Crysta

8B: If you’ve selected Credit Card/Debit Card as your preferred payment option

9: Confirmation of Transfer Details

Confirm the details of the transfer and click "Transfer PlayOnline ID."
If there are any errors, please click “Back” and amend the details as required.
Clicking "Transfer PlayOnline ID" will complete the transfer process.
Please keep in mind that once the process is complete, you will not be able to transfer your PlayOnline ID to another Square Enix account.

10: Setting up your PlayOnline Member List after the transfer

11: Reactivating Characters

Previously cancelled characters will be transferred automatically when transferring a Square Enix account.
You will need to follow the instructions below to reactivate these cancelled characters.

Unused characters can be found under “Options Cancelled/To be cancelled”.
Select the characters you would like to reactivate from here.
This screen will only show in the event that you do not have active Options (no active characters).

This screen will only show in the event that you do not have active Options (no active characters).