Microsoft® Windows Vista™/Windows 7™ Compatibility Status for PlayOnline-compatible Software

Compatibility for English-language PlayOnline-compatible software for Microsoft Corporation’s Microsoft® Windows Vista™ and Windows 7™ is listed below (accurate as of October 15, 2009).

Bugs Confirmed with Windows Vista/Windows 7

 Common to all PlayOnline-compatible software
Programs cannot be launched from the Media Center menu.
Because PlayOnline software is not compatible with the Media Center menu, please launch programs the regular way.
 PlayOnline Viewer
The PlayOnline icon created with the "Create Shortcut" command in PlayOnline Config may not be displayed correctly.
*There are no problems in the program associated with the icon.
Please click here to view important points and issues regarding graphic cards and other peripherals.


Compatible, after installation of the Windows Vista/Windows 7-compatible version of the PlayOnline Viewer.

The following are required to play FINAL FANTASY XI on Microsoft® Windows Vista™/Windows 7™.

• Microsoft® Windows Vista™/Windows 7™ - compatible version of the PlayOnline Viewer (Download here)
By downloading, installing, and launching the PlayOnline Viewer, you signify your agreement to the terms and conditions written within our current FINAL FANTASY® XI / PLAYONLINE® VIEWER Software License Agreement (Read the agreement here). If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you must not download, install, or use the PlayOnline Viewer.

• The discs for the Windows version of FINAL FANTASY XI
Please note that in order to play content areas from one of FINAL FANTASY XI’s expansion packs, you’ll need to have the appropriate expansion pack installed.

Microsoft® Windows Vista™/Windows 7™ Compatibility