from FINAL FANTASY XI Development Team
Chocobo Raising Changes and Additions (12/07/2006)

Several new additions are in the works for December's version update. Here is a sample of what is in store:

Kamp Kweh

Kamp Kweh is a place where adventurers can bring their chocobos to interact with others, as well as view the conditions of the other participants' animals.

Chocobo Hot and Cold Game

Now, treasure-hungry adventurers from around Vana'diel can use their very own chocobos to hunt for buried loot in the Chocobo Hot and Cold Game. From chocobo digging pros to newcomers, this exciting new event has something for everyone!

How to Participate
First speak to one of the VCS representatives stationed in Bastok, San d'Oria, or Windurst. After an explanation of the rules, the representative will give you a chocograph with the name of several areas on it, as well as a clump of Tandjana wildgrass, used to call your chocobo in the field.
*Your chocobo must be registered before participating.
*You must possess the maps of the areas listed on the chocographs.
*After using a clump of Tandjana wildgrass, you must let your chocobo rest 24 hours before receiving a new one.

How to Play
1. Use the Tandjana wildgrass in one of the areas designated on your chocograph.
2. Once your chocobo arrives, your map will open and a marker (???) will indicate the general location of a hidden treasure coffer.
3. Ride your chocobo to the vicinity of the marker and dig. Depending on the relative distance you are from the coffer, your chocobo will react differently.
4. Your chocobo will tire after a certain number of digs. The game is over when you find the treasure or if your animal becomes too fatigued to dig anymore.

Chocobo Status

Several new chocobo statuses will be added in the next version update. Also, any status condition affecting your chocobo will be cured when it achieves its next state of growth.

New Statuses
Two new beneficial statuses being added are "bursting with vitality" and "sparkling with intelligence." During these times, not only will training programs yield better results, but your chocobo will also be more receptive to physical and mental stimulation.

Chocobos in Love
Previously, a chocobo being in love would only negatively affect the success rate of its training. However, with the next version update, this certain status will now sometimes benefit the chocobo.

Other Changes and Adjustments

Taking your Chocobo for a Walk
When you take your chocobo for a walk, it may now find items for you.

New Abilities
When obtained through a certain quest, the new ability known as "treasure finder" will improve your chocobo's chances of locating hidden coffers when playing the new Chocobo Hot and Cold Game.